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      當前位置:首頁 > 產品中心 > 基因測序 > 生物試劑盒 > Illumina FC-126-1003Illumina 簇生成和測序試劑 FC-126-1003

      Illumina 簇生成和測序試劑 FC-126-1003

      簡要描述:Illumina 簇生成和測序試劑 FC-126-1003
      Illumina/TruSeq Synthetic Long-Read DNA Barcode Kit (4 barcode plates)/FC-126-1003/1 Ea

      • 產品型號:Illumina FC-126-1003
      • 廠商性質:生產廠家
      • 更新時間:2019-06-19
      • 訪  問  量:901


      Product Category


      規格1 kit供貨周期兩周
      主要用途小型全基因組測序 組合試劑 試劑盒應用領域醫療衛生,化工,生物產業,制藥

       Illumina 簇生成和測序試劑 FC-126-1003


      "Illumina/TruSeq Synthetic Long-Read DNA Barcode Kit (4 barcode plates)/FC-126-1003/1 Ea

      " Illumina 產品編號: FC-126-1003美  元  價: $3045.00會  員  價: 待定品       牌: Illumina產       地: 美國公       司: Illumina, Inc.產品分類: 分子類>二代測序>DNA文庫制備試劑盒公司分類: Library Preparation Kits "Product Highlights:

      The TruSeq Synthetic Long-Read DNA Library Prep Kit is a highly accurate, end-to-end sequencing solution that can be used for genome assembly or genome phasing. Depending on the analysis option you select, you can use it to:


      Assemble synthetically long reads for de novo assembly and genome finishing applications

      Perform genome phasing to identify co-inherited alleles and haplotype information, as well as phase de novo mutations

      Accurately Construct Synthetic Long Reads

      The TruSeq Synthetic Long-Read DNA Library Prep and TruSeq Synthetic Long-Read DNA Barcode Kits are designed for preparing DNA libraries to generate synthetically long reads. The library prep kit combines TruSeq and Nextera chemistries with synthetic long-read technology to prepare DNA libraries. The accompanying barcode kit includes 384 indexes for labeling the samples in each well. These indexes are then used after sequencing to construct synthetically long fragments for long-read assembly and phasing analysis.


      Simplified Informatics for Genome Assembly or Human Whole-Genome Phasing

      After sequencing, push-button analysis in BaseSpace Sequence Hub simplifies assembly of long reads. Data can be transferred from an Illumina sequencing instrument to the BaseSpace Sequence Hub cloud instantly.


      BaseSpace App for Genome Assembly:

      The TruSeq Long-Read Assembly App constructs long, synthetic reads from shorter sequencing reads for accurate genome assembly and genome finishing. TruSeq synthetic long-read technology allows you to use the same familiar platform with a new application.


      BaseSpace App for Phasing Analysis:

      The TruSeq Phasing Analysis App can be used to perform whole human genome phasing, identifying haplotype information and co-inherited alleles, and phasing de novo mutations. By constructing synthetically long fragments from shorter sequencing reads, this method provides more comprehensive and accurate phasing compared to conventional trio studies or statistical inference.



      Assay Time 3 days

      Hands-On Time 6 hours

      Species Category Any Species

      System Compatibility HiSeq 2000,HiSeq 3000,HiSeq 2500,HiSeq 4000

      Method Whole-Genome Sequencing,De Novo Sequencing,Long-Read Sequencing

      Technology Sequencing




      Sequencing Kits/ Microarray Kits/Informatics Products/ Clinical Research Products/In Vitro Diagnostic/ Products/Molecular Biology Reagents/ Accessory Products


      咨詢illumina MiSeq測序試劑盒等產品歡迎您致電 上海易匯生物科技有限公司:1850 1609 238張經理

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      Illumina,10519S,Kit, Preventive Maintenance cBot

      Illumina,20006548,Illumina MiSeqDx Integration (per instrument per year) On Premise - Subscription

      Illumina,15003361S,SPARE, 8-TUBE STRIP,MICRONIC

      Illumina,20003754,COVER, FILTER WHEEL, HSQ

      Illumina,10520S,Kit, Preventive Maintenance BX

      Illumina,SV-102-1007,Illumina Product Care iScan Advantage Plan

      Illumina,20000857,Server, Cnfg, BaseSpace®Onsite HT

      Illumina,SV-405-1007,Illumina Product Care HiSeq1000 Advantage Plan

      Illumina,20001122,Infinium OmniExpress-24 v1.2 Kit (48 samples)

      Illumina,D7P0432M,T7 R&DNA Polymerase - 2,500,000 Units (50 ml) Custom

      Illumina,SV-401-1007,Illumina Product Care HiSeq2000 Advantage Plan

      Illumina,20006996,Illumina® Certified Pre-Owned NextSeq® 500 System

      Illumina,SV-406-1001,Illumina Product Care HiSeq1500 Parts Only Plan

      Illumina,15071945,PCA, BUBBLE SENSOR, MER

      Illumina,15069133,Harness, IM Fan

      Illumina,WG-420-1002,OvineSNP50 BeadChip (288 samples)

      Illumina,DB0715K,Baseline-ZERO DNase 5,000 U


      Illumina,15042473,SENSOR, PS119E

      Illumina,20007795,GGP Potato-24 v1.0 Kit (48 samples)

      Illumina,SV-406-1002,Illumina Product Care HiSeq1500 Basic Plan

      Illumina,SV-406-1003,Illumina Product Care HiSeq1500 Comprehensive Plan

      Illumina,20006507,Automated Data Capture (ADC) Node Subscription License (per year)

      Illumina,N6901K,RNase I 1,000 U

      Illumina,SV-406-1007,Illumina Product Care HiSeq1500 Advantage Plan

      Illumina,20006529,Illumina GStudio Software Integration (per instrument)

      Illumina,SV-406-1010,Illumina Product Care HiSeq1500 Distributor Plan

      Illumina,20003949,KIT, SHROUD ASSEMBLY, FRU

      Illumina,SV-402-1001,Illumina Product Care HiSeq2500 Parts Only Plan

      Illumina,20006986,Illumina Propel Program -MiSeq Initial Certification

      Illumina,SV-402-1002,Illumina Product Care HiSeq2500 Basic Plan

      Illumina,20010643,Illumina Propel Program - HiSeq X Additional Certification

      Illumina,SV-402-1003,Illumina Product Care HiSeq2500 Comprehensive Plan

      Illumina,20005893,cBot 2 Operational Qualification

      Illumina,15046055,FLUIDICS, Sipper, P11 piercing, PEEK

      Illumina,SV-402-1007,Illumina Product Care HiSeq2500 Advantage Plan

      Illumina,15075746,ASSY, E-BOX ANALYTICAL, USB-RBST CM FW 2.042

      Illumina,SV-402-1010,Illumina Product Care HiSeq2500 Distributor Plan

      Illumina,EZI011RK,EZ-Tn5 <R6Ky ori / KAN-2> Insertion Kit 10 Rxns

      Illumina,20006577,PHI Security Package (per year) On Premise - Suscription


      Illumina,EZI921T,EZ-Tn5 <TET-1> Insertion Kit 10 Rxns

      Illumina,15034844R,REFURB,ASSY,RHEO 24/25 V2 VALVE + BRACKET V2

      Illumina,EZI982K,EZ-Tn5 <KAN-2> Insertion Kit 10 Rxns

      Illumina,20004798,LASER, HSQ, 660NM, 1.2W, OMAX

      Illumina,15003181,Certified Pre-Owned UNIVERSAL

      Illumina,20004135,Illumina Product Care MiniSeq Distributor Plan (APAC)

      Illumina,301858S,SPARE, MAIN BOARD

      Illumina,15031543S,SPARE, ASSY,MANIFOLD,2 PORT

      Illumina,20004522,ILMN System Performance Check

      Illumina,278061S,SPARE, SYRINGE, 25ML

      Illumina,15069047,Waste line - Pump

      Illumina,FC-901-1001,Hybridization Manifold (0801-1320)

      Illumina,20000197,HARD DISK DRIVE, 1TB 2.5" ST1000NX0313

      Illumina,FC-901-1002,Amplification Manifold (0801-1321)

      Illumina,20006502,Affymetrix GeneChip# Systems Integration (per instrument per year) Hosted

      Illumina,FC-901-1003,Cs, Bridge Manifold

      Illumina,20006574,Pacific Biosciences PacBio RS II Integration (per year) Hosted

      Illumina,SW-411-1003,BaseSpace Sequence Hub Enterprise Annual Subscription


      Illumina,15023353S,SPARE, CHILLER ASSEMBLY

      Illumina,20004337,Infinium OmniZhongHua-8 v1.3 Kit (16 samples)

      Illumina,WG-410-2005,PorcineSNP60v2+ BeadChip (48 samples)

      Illumina,AS3107,AmpliScribe T7 Kit 50 Rxns

      Illumina,15075747,ASSY, E-BOX ANALYTICAL, HiSeq1500/2500 USB RBST CM FW2.042

      Illumina,20002841,MiniSeq Heater Calibration Tool

      Illumina,WG-410-2006,PorcineSNP60v2+ BeadChip (288 samples)

      Illumina,ASB71110,AmpliScribe T7-Flash Biotin-RNA Transcription Kit 10 Rxns

      Illumina,20006526,Data Model Subscription License (per year)

      Illumina,WG-410-2007,PorcineSNP60v2+ BeadChip (1152 samples)

      Illumina,ASF3257,AmpliScribe T7-Flash Transcription Kit 25 Rxns


      Illumina,20006590,BaseSpace Clarity LIMS Gold On Premise Implementation Service

      Illumina,ASF3507,AmpliScribe T7-Flash Transcription Kit 50 Rxns


      Illumina,TG-410-1003,TG HiSeq® 3000/4000 SBS Kit (300 cycles)

      Illumina,DS010910,DuraScribe T7 Transcription Kit 10 Rxns

      Illumina,SV-122-1004,Illumina® Product Care RoMa 2 Preventative Maintenance Plan

      Illumina,20004338,Infinium OmniZhongHua-8 v1.3 Kit (48 samples)



      Illumina,SV-111-1003,Illumina Product Care Autoloader Comprehensive Plan


      Illumina,20006566,Life Technologies QuantStudio 6 Flex Integration (per year) Hosted

      Illumina,230973S,SPARE, X-Y STAGE ASSEMBLY

      Illumina,11257303S,SPARE, DC MOTOR WITH GEARHEAD

      Illumina,15069134,Harness, IM Fan

      Illumina,20006528,BaseSpace Clarity LIMS Data Sources <(>&<)> Preconfigured Reports Subscription 1 Yr

      Illumina,170131S,SPARE,CHIP DISK.FLASH,IDE

      Illumina,15069042,Common line

      Illumina,MP5105,MaxPlax Lambda Packaging Extract 5 Ext

      Illumina,MP5110,MaxPlax Lambda Packaging Extract 10 Ext

      Illumina,15069043,Post line

      Illumina,173948S,SPARE, GRAY EPOXY ADHESIVE, 3501 B/A

      Illumina,MP5120,MaxPlax Lambda Packaging Extract 20 Ext

      Illumina,20006562,Life Technologies Ion Proton Integration (per year) Hosted

      Illumina,20006486,ABI 7900HT Fast Real-Time PCR System Integration (per instrument per year) On Premise - Subscription

      Illumina,20000831,BovineSNP50-24+ v3 BeadChip (1152 samples)


      Illumina,DS010925,DuraScribe T7 Transcription Kit 25 Rxns

      Illumina,15069144,Cable, LAN Port

      Illumina,EZI03T7,EZ-Tn5 <T7 / KAN-2> Promoter Insertion Kit 10 Rxns


      Illumina,20005665,CanineHD+ FastTrack Service

      Illumina,EZI912D,EZ-Tn5 <DHFR-1> Insertion Kit 10 Rxns


      Illumina,20006520,BaseSpace Clarity LIMS Silver Validation Package (per year)

      Illumina,275311S,SPARE, Z-STAGE PROBE ASSEMBLY

      Illumina,MB060124,MessageBOOSTER cDNA Synthesis Kit for qPCR 24 Rxns

      Illumina,20004162,SPARE, ASSY, PAIR HDD, 1TB, PROGRAMMED,

      Illumina,275418S,SPARE.HOLDER CELL

      Illumina,SY-101-1001,iScan® System (110/220V)

      Illumina,15050752,Box, NeoPrep, ASSY


      Illumina,SV-302-1001,Illumina Product Care Cluster Station Parts Only Plan

      Illumina,15008194S,SPARE KIT,SINGLE LUMEN 15ML BOTTLE


      Illumina,15008196S,SPARE, KIT,SINGLE LUMEN 15ML BOTTLE

      Illumina,20006919,Freya RUO IMG v1.3


      Illumina,20006586,Additional Test Instance Implementation Service

      Illumina,190318S,SPARE, BEADLAB PLATE SHAKER, 110V

      Illumina,1005484R,REFURB,ASSY,REAGENT CHILLER, HiSEQ2000

      Illumina,20006581,Seagull Scientific BarTender Integration (per year) On Premise- Subscription


      Illumina,15069951,ASSY, BEADCHIP ADAPTER

      Illumina,15026072S,SPARE. FITTING, BX MALE LUER 3/32"ID WHT

      Illumina,20005133,Infinium® Global Screening Array-24 v1.0 Kit (288 samples)

      Illumina,211001S,SPARE, LUBIT-8 LUBRICANT



      Illumina,20006514,BaseSpace Clarity LIMS Silver Hosted Subscription 1 Yr

      Illumina,15026075S,SPARE. FITTING, BX LUER LOCK RING, BLUE

      Illumina,SW-411-1002,BaseSpace Live Storage (50TB) Software


      Illumina,15026078S,SPARE. FITTING, BX LUER LOCK RING, RED

      Illumina,20004142,Introduction to BaseSpace Ecosystem



      Illumina,219715S,SPARE, HOTEL GUIDE STRIP

      Illumina,20004150,Local Run Manager RNA Sequencing Data Analysis Consult


      Illumina,20004427,ILMN Full Standard FGx Validation Service


      Illumina,RS-122-2103,TruSeq Stranded mRNA Library Prep Kit High Throughput (96 samples, 96 indexes)

      Illumina,277886S,SPARE, X-STAGE RIBBON CABLE

      Illumina,20004155,Small Genome De Novo Data Analysis Consultation

      Illumina,278053S,SPARE, SYRINGE 5-WAY VALVE

      Illumina,SV-201-1001,Illumina Product Care BeadXpress Parts Only Plan

      Illumina,20006583,Upgrade BaseSpace Clarity LIMS Silver to Gold Subscription 1 Yr

      Illumina,278088S,SPARE, 40MM x 20MM FAN, 24V

      Illumina,20006513,BaseSpace Clarity LIMS Gold Validation Package Perpetual

      Illumina,SV-111-1001,Illumina Product Care Autoloader Parts Only Plan


      Illumina,20006476,454 GS FLX System Integration (per instrument per year) On Premise-Subscription


      Illumina,20006485,ABI 7900HT Fast Real-Time PCR System Integration (per instrument)


      Illumina,20006512,BaseSpace Clarity LIMS Gold Validation Package Hstd

      Illumina,285691S,SPARE, DIAPHRAGM PUMP, WASTE

      Illumina,11296679S,SPARE,CABLE.10FT SERIAL EXT.,AUTOLDR

      Illumina,20006483,ABI 5500 SOLiD System Integration (per instrument)

      Illumina,289060S,SPARE, GREEN LASER 60MM x 15MM FAN, 24V

      Illumina,20006549,Illumina MiSeqDx Integration (per instrument)

      Illumina,15001363S,ASSY,VALVE,LATCHING SOLENOID,

      Illumina,1000171,2N NAOH,20UL

      Illumina,20006492,Add-On BaseSpace Clarity LIMS Reporting Pro Subscription 1 Yr


      Illumina,20006567,Life Technologies QuantStudio 6 Flex Integration (per year) On Premise - Subscription

      Illumina,15006267S,SPARE, COOLANT PUMP ASSEMBLY



      Illumina,20006554,LabLobic Toolkit Subscription 1 Yr


      Illumina,20006551,Illumina NextSeq 500 Integration (per instrument per year) On Premise - Subscription

      Illumina,224434S,SPARE, DRAWER WITH KEYBOARD


      Illumina,11140287S,SPARE,SUPL.PWR,5.2V BCR SERIAL

      Illumina,20006534,Illumina HiSeq 3000 Integration


      Illumina,11143103S,SPARE, HEAT SEALER, 230V

      Illumina,20006598,Upgrade BaseSpace Clarity LIMS Silver to Gold Implementation Service



      Illumina,15069044,Pressure line - SMA


      Illumina,15061180,NAMEPLATE - New Customer Placeholder

      Illumina,15021458S,SPARE, BX,TOOL KIT,ALIGMENT

      Illumina,20006979,Illumina Propel Program - HiSeq 2500 Recertification


      Illumina,20006985,Illumina Propel Program - MiSeq Recertification

      Illumina,1004381S,POWER CORD, UNIVERSAL MF JUMPE

      Illumina,20004209,Infinium OmniExpressExome-8 v1.4 Kit (96 samples)


      Illumina,20006530,Illumina GStudio Software Integration (per year) Hosted



      Illumina,20006475,454 GS FLX System Integration (per instrument per year) Hosted

      Illumina,11176407S,SPARE,BOARD.DC SERVO,GENESIS

      Illumina,20006558,Life Technologies Ion PGM Integration (per instrument per year) Hosted


      Illumina,235387S,SPARE, CHAIN.DRIVE,208 PTCH


      Illumina,20006596,BaseSpace Clarity LIMS Silver On Premise Implementation Service

      Illumina,15008775S,SPARE, KIT,CABLES,SM

      Illumina,11177151S,SPARE, DIGITAL STROBOSCOPE

      Illumina,20006522,BaseSpace Clarity LIMS with HiSeq X Integration (per year)

      Illumina,15022097S,ASSY, CABLE, DOOR MOTOR

      Illumina,0500-0064S,SPARE,ADAPTER,USB,8 PORT, RS23

      Illumina,20006587,Additional Training or Consulting

      Illumina,241461S,SPARE, KIT.HARDWARE,ROBOT

      Illumina,20006593,BaseSpace Clarity LIMS Reporting Mod and Pro Implementation Service






      Illumina,226886S,SPARE, SWITCH.5-PORT,ETHERNET

      Illumina,20004152,Local Run Manager miRNASeQ Data Analyis Consultation

      Illumina,11208288,WG#-XC1.INFINIUM II

      Illumina,307643S,SPARE, MOUSE.CORDLESS,2.4GHz

      Illumina,20004151,BaseSpace miRNASeq Data Analysis Consultation

      Illumina,15017553S,SPARE, AL, MISC-BOX

      Illumina,11208296,WG#-XC2.INFINIUM II

      Illumina,20006531,Illumina GStudio Software Integration (per year) On Premise - Subscription

      Illumina,226771S,SPARE, CABLE.ADAPTER,DUAL PS2-USB

      Illumina,11208309,WG#-TEM.INFINIUM II

      Illumina,15068297,ASSY WASTE

      Illumina,226827S,SPARE, CABLE.VGA,15FT

      Illumina,20011754,Infinium® Glass Back Plate Rack

      Illumina,11208317,WG#-ATM.INFINIUM II

      Illumina,226835S,SPARE, PAD,NON-SKID

      Illumina,20004348,Infinium QC Array-24 v1.0 Kit (288 samples)

      Illumina,11208430,WG#-XC4.INFINIUM II

      Illumina,15014441S,SPARE, PLATE,TEACHING,ROBOT

      Illumina,20004133,Illumina Product Care MiniSeq Comprehensive Plan

      Illumina,0501-0082S,SPARE, SYRINGE, 250 uL V1 SYRINGES

      Illumina,TG-410-1004,TG HiSeq® 3000/4000 PE ClusterKit



      Illumina,11235526S,SPARE.Shim, rnd, bear 18-8 sst. 003 thk

      Illumina,20006511,BaseSpace Clarity LIMS Gold Validation Package (per year)

      Illumina,241357S,SPARE, ASSY.FOOT,LEVELING

      Illumina,11235534S,SPARE.Shim, rnd, bear 18-8 sst. 005 thk

      Illumina,20003873,HARD DISK DRIVE, PROGRAMMED, MNSQ

      Illumina,317091S,SPARE, GUIDE.WEAR, 3.07mm

      Illumina,11235542S,SPARE.Shim, rnd, bear 18-8 sst. 007thk

      Illumina,20006916,Freya CE-IVD IMG v1.3

      Illumina,241226S,SPARE, BASEPLATE.ROBOT

      Illumina,11235551S,SPARE.Shim, rnd, bear 18-8 sst. 001 thk

      Illumina,20000056,Dual HDD carrier (SATA) ST1041SS

      Illumina,11235569S,Spare, Shim, rnd, bear 18-8 sst. 20 thk

      Illumina,241082S,SPARE, SLIDE CARRIER LID

      Illumina,20000300,ASSY, RIGHT PANEL, MER

      Illumina,241103S,SPARE, MOUNT.CARRIER

      Illumina,11243180S,SPARE, BARCODE SCANNER

      Illumina,11296644S,SPARE, CABLE.USB EXT,AUTOLDR2

      Illumina,20006557,LDAP Integration Subscription License


      Illumina,11296661S,SPARE, BOX.BLK DB9 SWITCH AUTOLDR2

      Illumina,20006479,ABI 3730xl DNA Analyzer Integration (per instrument per year) Hosted

      Illumina,313015S,SPARE, CABLE.CAMERALINK,BOARD,5m

      Illumina,20006538,Illumina HiSeq X Integration (per instrument per year) Hosted

      Illumina,150578S,SPARE.SMART MOTOR.SPECIAL


      Illumina,20006591,BaseSpace Clarity LIMS Gold Support and Maintenance 1 Yr

      Illumina,15009068S,SPARE, BASEPLATE.SEQ MODL,AL2.

      Illumina,20006608,Integration to LDAP Implementation Service On Premise - Subscription

      Illumina,15014681S,SPARE, ASSY.FOOT,LEVELING,SM

      Illumina,20006547,Illumina MiSeqDx Integration (per instrument per year) Hosted

      Illumina,15009064S,SPARE, BASEPLATE.ROBOT,AL2.x

      Illumina,20006599,BaseSpace Clarity LIMS with HiSeqX Integration Implementation Service

      Illumina,159564S,SPARE.SWTCHR.P/S,MULTI OUTPUT


      Illumina,20006594,BaseSpace Clarity LIMS Reporting Module Implementation Service

      Illumina,20006607,Integration to LDAP Implementation Service Perpetual

      Illumina,15012422S,SPARE, ASSY.CVRS,SWHT,ROBOT


      Illumina,20001114,Infinium Omni2.5-8 v1.3 Kit (96 samples)

      Illumina,15019743S,SPARE, CABLE,PRGRM,FIRMWR,ROBOT

      Illumina,15009690S,SPARE, LID.CARRIER,SLIDE

      Illumina,163011S,SPARE.TRGR,RGHT,LMT SWTH,TRAY

      Illumina,15069145,Cable, USB Port

      Illumina,15015408S,SPARE, PLATE.COVER

      Illumina,163037S,SPARE.TRGR,LFT,LMT SW,TRAY

      Illumina,20004130,Illumina Product Care MiniSeq Distributor Plan (AMER/EMEA)

      Illumina,15011763S,SPARE, MOUNT.CARRIER, AL2.X

      Illumina,20006311,Tecan PC. OEM-A6003-00. Configured

      Illumina,KL1150K,Exo-Minus Klenow DNA Pol (D355A, E357A) 50,000 U @ 5 U/ul


      Illumina,20007420,Infinium® XT Assay PB20 Kit

      Illumina,15002794S,SPARE,ASSY,CABLE,TIP/TILT CONT


      Illumina,20011760,XT Flow-Through Chamber Assembly Tray

      Illumina,11257397S,SPARE, BASE BOARD ASSEMBLY

      Illumina,20004138,MiniSeq IQ/OQ

      Illumina,11287490S,SPARE, TOWER FAN

      Illumina,20000880,Single Board Computer Kit, NextSeq

      Illumina,15023027S,SPARE, CAMERA

      Illumina,15048640,PCA, REAGENT CHILLER BOARD V2

      Illumina,15023434S,SPARE,MOTOR,NEMA 17,24V,1A

      Illumina,20004582,BaseSpace Onsite LT IMG v1.1.0

      Illumina,SE-401-1004,IlluminaCompute Standard System (US)


      Illumina,20004165,SPARE, SINGLE HDD, 1TB 2.5",NEXTSEQ

      Illumina,SE-401-1005,IlluminaCompute Standard System (EU, EMEA, APAC)

      Illumina,15067716,ASSY, SIPPER MANIFOLD, 1 VALVE

      Illumina,15027391S,Spare, ASSY,DUAL LUMEN 500ML BOTTLE,PR2


      Illumina,15069130,Harness, Exhaust Fan

      Illumina,15069124,Harness, Pump

      Illumina,1006320R,REFURBISHED,LASER,500MW FREE SPACE

      Illumina,RS-122-2203,TruSeq Stranded Total RNA Library Prep Kit with Ribo-Zero Human/Mouse/Rat High Throughput (96 samples, 96 indexes)

      Illumina,RS-122-2202,TruSeq Stranded Total RNA Library Prep Kit with Ribo-Zero Human/Mouse/Rat Set B (48 samples, 12 indexes)

      Illumina,15068263,10.4" LCD WITH TP_A-1547

      Illumina,20001115,Infinium Omni2.5-8 v1.3 Kit (384 samples)

      Illumina,RS-122-2102,TruSeq Stranded mRNA Library Preparation Kit Set B (48 samples, 12 indexes)

      Illumina,20010645,HiSeq® Analysis Software v2.1 annual license

      Illumina,196200S,SPARE.ASSY.ADPT PLT,BD END DWN

      Illumina,RS-122-2201,TruSeq Stranded Total RNA Library Prep Kit with Ribo-Zero Human/Mouse/Rat Set A (48 samples, 12 indexes)

      Illumina,20006989,ILS-H LibraryPrep

      Illumina,RS-122-2301,TruSeq Stranded Total RNA Library Prep Kit with Ribo-Zero Gold Set A (48 samples, 12 indexes)


      Illumina,RS-122-2302,TruSeq Stranded Total RNA Library Prep Kit with Ribo-Zero Gold Set B (48 samples, 12 indexes)

      Illumina,20006990,ILS-H Enrichment LibraryPrep

      Illumina,20006991,ILS-H PE Cluster (for 150 cycle SBS kit)

      Illumina,RS-122-2101,TruSeq Stranded mRNA Library Preparation Kit Set A (48 samples, 12 indexes)

      Illumina,20006487,Additional Hamilton Microlab STAR Integration for use with Ilumina SeqLab (per year)

      Illumina,RS-122-2303,TruSeq Stranded Total RNA Library Prep Kit with Ribo-Zero Gold High Throughput (96 samples, 96 indexes)

      Illumina,20010200,Assy, Fan, Heat Sink, NeoPrep

      Illumina,20006992,ILS-H SBS Kit (150 cycles)

      Illumina,15001668,ASSY,CHILLER DOOR

      Illumina,15036044,HiSeq® Install Accessories Box

      Illumina,20003927,NeoPrep Library Prep System Training-Cust Site

      Illumina,15034047,Loaner Miseq 2

      Illumina,SW-150-1002,KaryoStudio v1.2 Single Site License for site with warranty - New License

      Illumina,EC-800-1013,Spare, Assy, PCBA, MCU, Programmed

      Illumina,11257320S,SPARE, P-AXIS MOTOR SPACER

      Illumina,20000665,ForenSeq? DNA Signature Prep with MiSeq FGx? - HQ

      Illumina,EC-800-1001,Spare, Cable, H1, Power Entry

      Illumina,11257426S,SPARE, Z-AXIS TIMING BELT

      Illumina,20004524,ILMN Custom FGx Validation Service-180 post-val


      Illumina,15025816S,SPARE,ASSY,Y LOCK


      Illumina,20005150,Infinium® Omni5-4 v1.2 Kit (16 samples)


      Illumina,WG-400-1002,Infinium iSelect HD Custom BeadChip Kit (12x1, 288 samples)

      Illumina,20006503,Affymetrix GeneChip# Systems Integration (per instrument per year) On Premise - Subscription

      Illumina,MRZG126,Ribo-Zero Gold rRNA Removal Kit (H/M/R) (6 reactions)

      Illumina,20006481,ABI 5500 SOLiD System Integration (per instrument per year) Hosted

      Illumina,SV-304-1002,Illumina Product Care cBot Basic Plan

      Illumina,MRZMB126,Ribo-Zero rRNA Removal Kit (Bacteria) 6 reactions

      Illumina,20006543,Illumina HiSeq/GAII Integration (per instrument)

      Illumina,TR-204-0007,TruSeq® Amplicon v1.5 - Customer Site

      Illumina,MRZSR116,Ribo-Zero rRNA Removal Kit (Plant Seed/Root) 6 reactions

      Illumina,20006515,BaseSpace Clarity LIMS Reporting Module Hosted Subscription 1 Yr

      Illumina,TR-204-0012,TruSeq Total RNA - Customer Site

      Illumina,MRZPL116,Ribo-Zero rRNA Removal Kit (Plant Leaf) 6 reactions

      Illumina,20006585,Add-On BaseSpace Clarity LIMS Reporting Pro Implementation Service

      Illumina,TR-204-0008,Nextera DNA - Customer Site

      Illumina,FC-420-1001,MiniSeq High Output Reagent Kit (75-cycles)


      Illumina,TR-204-0011,TruSeq DNA PCR-Free - Customer Site

      Illumina,20004154,Metagenomics Data Analysis Consultation

      Illumina,SR-1000-1,SuperRox Reference Dye

      Illumina,SY-201-2003,AutoLoader 2 Carrier Kit (24 Qty)


      Illumina,20006480,ABI 3730xl DNA Analyzer Integration (per instrument per year) On Premise - Subscription

      Illumina,10507S,Spare, Kit, BX Fluidics Fittings

      Illumina,11257442S,SPARE, Z-AXIS PULLEY

      Illumina,20006536,Illumina HiSeq 4000 Integration (per instrument per year)

      Illumina,11257362S,SPARE, POWER SUPPLY, 40W, 12VDC

      Illumina,20006516,BaseSpace Clarity LIMS Reporting Module On Premise Subscription 1 Yr

      Illumina,15011284S,SPARE,ASSY,CABLE,DOOR SENSOR

      Illumina,15031390,FC,MiSeq DRY SEALED BFC SUPERFLAT

      Illumina,20006541,Illumina HiSeq/GAII Integration (per instrument per year) Hosted


      Illumina,1003526S,SPARE, 3WAY VALVE ASSEMBLY

      Illumina,20006584,X Automation Mod for Illumina SeqLab (per year)

      Illumina,15034334S,SPARE, KIT,SINGLE LUMEN 15mL PE-A

      Illumina,20006603,Data Sources and Preconfigured Reports Implementation Service

      Illumina,15004230,ASSY,CABLE,KEYLOCK SWITCH

      Illumina,10555S,Kit, Preventive Maintenance Hiseq 2500 V2

      Illumina,20006561,Life Technologies Ion Proton Integration

      Illumina,FT-702-0000,Illumina FastTrack Services, Cancer Analysis Add-on, Human WGS

      Illumina,15011928S,SPARE,SYRINGE,PLASTIC,W/LUER L

      Illumina,15034953S,SPARE, ASSY,REAGENT CHILLER

      Illumina,15012420S,SPARE, R-AXIS UPGRADE KIT

      Illumina,20006609,Lab Instrument Toolkit Consulting Service

      Illumina,20006575,Pacific Biosciences PacBio RS II Integration (per year) On Premise - Subscription

      Illumina,15026863,FLOWCELL,U-CH X 1.70 MM,14 X 2

      Illumina,20015236,Illumina® ArrayLab Consulting Service Bundled with Arrays

      Illumina,RH-200-1002,VeriSeq NIPT Sample Prep Kit(96 samples)

      Illumina,20006563,Life Technologies Ion Proton Integration (per year) On Premise - Subscription

      Illumina,20000823,TruSeq Enrichment Training - Customer Site

      Illumina,15009470R,Robot.Autoloader 2.x,Refurb


      Illumina,15002032S,SPARE,ASSY,MIRROR-FLTR MNT

      Illumina,15072883,Tool, Set IM Isolator Extensions

      Illumina,20019564,REFURB,HiSeq 4000 System

      Illumina,15030664S,SPARE, COMBO PCA BOARD

      Illumina,20004429,ILMN Custom FGx Validation Service-Add'l 64 Smp

      Illumina,20004426,ILMN-Assisted FGx Validation Service

      Illumina,15051203,Verifi Test

      Illumina,SV-304-1001,Illumina Product Care cBot Parts Only Plan

      Illumina,20007290,NextSeq, SPARE, ASSY, PWR SUPPLY, 10A PEM NSQ

      Illumina,SV-304-1003,Illumina® Product Care cBot? Comprehensive Plan

      Illumina,20007747,ASSY, CAMERA MODULE (CAM)

      Illumina,SP-102-2506,HiSeq® 2500 IQ/OQ

      Illumina,SV-304-1004,Illumina® Product Care cBot? Gold

      Illumina,20004137,MiniSeq OQ Coverage Add-On

      Illumina,15068223,PCA, Power Switch W/ Safety Check

      Illumina,20004120,HiSeq 2500 Seq System Training-Cust Site

      Illumina,A1-99-101,Teflon-coated replacement probes for Tecan Robot (1)

      Illumina,20004428,ILMN Custom FGx Validation Service-Add'l 32 Smp

      Illumina,15033721,USB DRIVE.32GB

      Illumina,BD-60-450,Infinium BeadChip Wash Rack (1)

      Illumina,15051271,Assy, Front Panel

      Illumina,20006542,Illumina HiSeq/GAII Integration (per instrument per year) On Premise - Subscription

      Illumina,BD-60-460,Infinium BeadChip Glass Tray (1)

      Illumina,15048077,Assy, Fan TCB

      Illumina,20006552,Illumina NextSeq 500 Integration

      Illumina,15070430,SBC, MINI ITX, WADE-8022

      Illumina,15032217S,SPARE,ASSY,LEFT FRONT COVER,MiSEQ

      Illumina,15060143,GUIDE BLOCK RIGHT

      Illumina,15068280,Harness, Power Entry Module Assy


      Illumina,15066935,ASSY,REAGENT CHILLER, HiSeq, Single FCH, v2 PCA

      Illumina,15026717,FC,MiSeq DRY SEALED BFC

      Illumina,15069125,Harness 2, FAM Chassis

      Illumina,15066313,ASSY, PUMPS DOOR, HiSeq 3000

      Illumina,15011401S,SPARE, DOCKING STATION 2 PCA

      Illumina,20006501,Additional Test Instance Hosted Subscription 1 Yr

      Illumina,15065256,Test Card, NeoPrep

      Illumina,20006597,Silver) BaseSpace Clarity LIMS Silver Implementation Service- on Premise[ TEST]

      Illumina,SV-500-1017,FAS Per Diem - MA

      Illumina,20019199,Application-specific Data Analysis Pipeline Training

      Illumina,15069048,Waste line - Bottle

      Illumina,20019198,TruSeq RNA Access LP Training

      Illumina,SV-500-1018,FAS Per Diem - SQ

      Illumina,RZHM11106,Ribo-ZeroTM Gold rRNA Removal Reagents (Human/Mouse/Rat)

      Illumina,20013015,Infinium ShrimpSNPLD-24 BeadChip Kit (FastTrack Services)

      Illumina,20018572,USB Kit VeriSeq NIPT LLR v1.0.9

      Illumina,20011759,XT Dual Hyb Insert and Baseplate

      Illumina,15005110S,SPARE,ASSY,CABLE,FRONT DOOR

      Illumina,15068101,ASSY, SBC, Mini ITX, w/ BIOS E2.01,MiSeq

      Illumina,15066315,ASSY, PUMPS DOOR, HiSeq 4000

      Illumina,A1-99-105,Infinium Te-Flow Rack

      Illumina,15072277S,SPARE, FAM - Binned Bubble Sensor 4 Termination

      Illumina,15067567,ASSY,MANIFOLD,2 LANE,25x75,PST

      Illumina,A1-99-107,Infinium Te-Flow Tubing

      Illumina,15072275S,SPARE, FAM ? Binned Bubble Sensor 3 Termination

      Illumina,TG-410-1001,TG HiSeq® 3000/4000 SBS Kit (50 cycles)

      Illumina,WG-15-117,Infinium Automation Expansion Kit (110V)

      Illumina,20003508,ACCESSORIES,MISEQ FGX

      Illumina,20003808,Infinium XT Assay Kit Post1 4608

      Illumina,WG-15-118,Infinium Automation Expansion Kit (220V)


      Illumina,SV-500-1009,On-Site FSE Labor - MA

      Illumina,20002478,RACK, 2.5IN,4-DRIVE,REMOVABLE,SAS/SATA

      Illumina,20010640,Illumina Propel Program - HiSeq 3000/4000 Additional Certification

      Illumina,SV-500-1010,On-Site FAS Labor - SQ

      Illumina,20012121,Spare, Sipper Manifold Assembly

      Illumina,20006981,Illumina Propel Program - HiSeq 2500 Additional Certification

      Illumina,SV-500-1011,FSE Travel - MA

      Illumina,TG-410-1002,TG HiSeq® 3000/4000 SBS Kit (150 cycles)

      Illumina,20013620,ASSY,NovaSeq Dual Actuation Deck

      Illumina,20020628,BaseSpace Sequencing hub unlimited storage and compute for NovaSeq 6000

      Illumina,SV-500-1012,FSE Travel - SQ


      Illumina,SV-500-1013,FAS Travel - MA

      Illumina,20020623,BaseSpace Sequencing hub unlimited storage and compute for NextSeq

      Illumina,20006613,Infinium® XT iSelect-96 Kit (1152 samples)

      Illumina,SV-500-1014,FAS Travel - SQ

      Illumina,20020621,BaseSpace Sequencing hub unlimited storage and compute for MiniSeq

      Illumina,15068304,ASSY POWER SUPPLY

      Illumina,SV-500-1015,FSE Per Diem - MA

      Illumina,20005151,Infinium® Omni5-4 v1.2 Kit (48 samples)

      Illumina,15071896,NovaSeq,ASSY, FRONT PANEL

      Illumina,SV-500-1016,FSE Per Diem - SQ

      Illumina,15017234,ASSY,TUBING,CABLE TRACK,FCB

      Illumina,20004341,Infinium® OmniZhongHua-8+ v1.3 Kit (16 samples)

      Illumina,20005160,cBot 2 Barcoded Strip Tubes (8 well)

      Illumina,301866S,SPARE, DIO BOARD

      Illumina,20004153,BaseSpace Metag Data Analysis Consultation

      Illumina,20004139,Illumina Product Care MiniSeq System Health Check

      Illumina,15009497S,SPARE,COVER SLIP,GLASS

      Illumina,20016332,NovaSeq® 6000 PQ


      Illumina,20003174,NEXTSEQ, ABS Cover

      Illumina,20006582,Seagull Scientific Bartender Software Integration (perpetual)

      Illumina,20019039,Trusight Tumor 170 Training - Customer Site

      Illumina,20004340,Infinium OmniZhongHua-8 v1.3 Kit (384 samples)

      Illumina,15018118,ASSY,HiSeq 1000

      Illumina,15008205,ASSY,TUBES CLAMP,SURE GRIP

      Illumina,20015264,Infinium CoreExome-24 v1.2 Kit (1152 samples)

      Illumina,20011891,Canadian Consortia inherited Cancer

      Illumina,SV-150-1001,Instrument Recertification


      Illumina,FC-420-1004,MiniSeq Mid Output Kit (300-cycles)

      Illumina,15010678S,SPARE, GROUND STRAP

      Illumina,20018325,Illumina NovaSeq Integration - Perpetual License

      Illumina,OP-101-1003,TruSight Tumor 170 Kit, For Use with NextSeq (24 Samples)

      Illumina,15020033S,SPARE, USB TO RA R-3 CABLE

      Illumina,20018897,REFURB,HiSeq X System

      Illumina,15020034S,SPARE, CABLE ASSY,MAIN 2 CAVRO

      Illumina,20010184,TruSight® Oncology Library Prep

      Illumina,20015540,Illumina Comprehensive Design

      Illumina,20010187,TruSight® Oncology Enrichment


      Illumina,20016200,ASSY, NovaSeq Foot guard

      Illumina,15020076S,SPARE, CABLE,THERMAL2RC-SENSOR

      Illumina,OP-101-1004,TruSight Tumor 170 Kit (24 Samples)

      Illumina,20007742,ASSY, EMISSION OPTICS MODULE (EOM)

      Illumina,20010188,TruSight® Tumor 170 Content Set

      Illumina,WG-10-211,Infinium Water Circulator and Teflow Rack Kit 110V

      Illumina,20004354,Illumina Instrument Relicensing Fee

      Illumina,15022743S,SPARE, CHILLER/PR2 CABLE ASSEMBLY

      Illumina,SY-420-1001,MiniSeq System

      Illumina,20015526,Infinium XT ST Upgrade Kit (Up to 12 BeadChip Batches)

      Illumina,20006494,Additional BaseSpace Clarity LIMS Named User Perpetual License

      Illumina,15022892S,SPARE, Y-STAGE ASSEMBLY


      Illumina,20006560,Life Technologies Ion PGM Integration


      Illumina,15060142,GUIDE BLOCK LEFT

      Illumina,20006578,Protected Health Information (PHI) Package (per month)


      Illumina,20015256,Infinium Core-24 v1.1 Kit (1152 samples)

      Illumina,20006509,BaseSpace Clarity LIMS Gold On Premise Subscription 1 Yr


      Illumina,20015255,Infinium Core-24 v1.1 Kit (288 samples)

      Illumina,SW-412-1001,BaseSpace Enterprise Expanded Instrument Connectivity



      Illumina,20006612,X Automation Mod Implementation Service

      Illumina,20015263,Infinium CoreExome-24 v1.2 Kit (288 samples)

      Illumina,15025405S,SPARE, LED POWER CABLE ASSEMBLY

      Illumina,RS-303-1002,TruSight RNA Pan-Cancer Panel Set A

      Illumina,20016099,NovaSeq® 6000 OQ Coverage Add-On

      Illumina,FC-144-1004,TruSeq Rapid Exome Library Prep Kit (96 samples)

      Illumina,15025418S,SPARE, GROUND STRAP

      Illumina,20019792,TruSeq RNA CD Index Plate (96 Indexes, 96 Samples)

      Illumina,15026096S,SPARE, CABLE,THERMAL2FC-TEC

      Illumina,FC-144-1002,TruSeq Rapid Exome Library Prep Kit (48 samples)

      Illumina,RS-200-1001,TruSeq RNA EPH Reagent Tube

      Illumina,20016240,VeriSeq NIPT Analysis Server (48 samples)

      Illumina,20001124,Infinium OmniExpress-24 v1.2 Kit (1152 samples)

      Illumina,15069132,Thermocouple Termination

      Illumina,15018286S,SPARE, REAGENT CHILLER PCA

      Illumina,15069135,Harness, Front Porch And PowerSwitch

      Illumina,D110910ML,PreMixed dNTPs 25mM 10 ml Custom

      Illumina,15019621,MISEQ2, MIRROR,M1

      Illumina,15071962,Ground Braid, XY Stage

      Illumina,20011171,ASSY,LCD MONITOR/SCANNER,CBOT2

      Illumina,SV-201-1003,Illumina Product Care BeadXpress Comprehensive Plan

      Illumina,20005132,Infinium® Global Screening Array-24 v1.0 Kit (48 samples)

      Illumina,20005139,Infinium® Global Screening Array-24+ v1.0 Fasttrack Service

      Illumina,WG-450-2007,Infinium BovineSNP50+ (288 samples)

      Illumina,15023522S,SPARE, SPRING CATCH CLAMP, REPLACES 15003853S

      Illumina,20020625,BaseSpace Sequencing hub unlimited storage and compute for HiSeq 3000

      Illumina,20010185,TruSight Oncology DNA Library Prep

      Illumina,20018327,Illumina VeriSeq NIPT Integration - OnPrem 1 year Subscription

      Illumina,20006527,Data Sources & Preconfigured Reports (per year)

      Illumina,A1-99-102,Tip Depth Gauge

      Illumina,RH-200-1001,VeriSeq NIPT Sample Prep Kit(48 samples)

      Illumina,20002346,Infinium® MethylationEPIC BeadChip FastTrack Services (1 sample)

      Illumina,A1-99-111,Infinium Te-Flow Female Connector

      Illumina,20018705,Nextera DNA Flex Library Prep (96 Samples)

      Illumina,20019568,Library Clean-Up Reagent

      Illumina,A1-99-104,Infinium Te-Flow Male Connector

      Illumina,20003924,MiniSeq Proof of Concept

      Illumina,20004140,Illumina Product Care MiniSeq Preventative Maintenance

      Illumina,BD-60-500,Infinium BeadChip Boxes (10)

      Illumina,20020641,BaseSpace Clarity LIMS Other Integration Subscription 1 Instr/1 Yr

      Illumina,20001111,Infinium Multi-Ethnic Global-8+ v1.0 FastTrack Service

      Illumina,BD-60-601,Infinium MIDI Heatblock Insert

      Illumina,20016095,Illumina® Product Care NovaSeq® 6000 Comprehensive Plan

      Illumina,SP-102-4002,HiSeq 4000 Operational Qualification

      Illumina,WG-10-201,Infinium BeadChip Expansion Package

      Illumina,20018704,Nextera DNA Flex Library Prep (24 Samples)

      Illumina,20015257,Infinium Core-24+ v1.1 Kit (48 Samples)

      Illumina,WG-15-114,Infinium Plus Auto24 Whole-Genome Genotyping Option Package (220V)

      Illumina,20010186,TruSight® Oncology RNA Library Prep

      Illumina,SC-30-403,Infinium Automation Kit- 8 Tip Tecan LIMS Ready (110V)

      Illumina,20004339,Infinium OmniZhongHua-8 v1.3 Kit (96 samples)

      Illumina,20006604,Instrument Integration Service-Standard

      Illumina,20015258,Infinium Core-24+ v1.1 Kit (288 Samples)

      Illumina,15046209,XY stage Drive cable

      Illumina,20007771,Infinium® QCArray-24+ v1.0 BeadChip Kit (1152 samples)


      Illumina,20006615,Infinium XT iSelect-96 Kit (23040 samples)

      Illumina,20015235,Illumina® ArrayLab Consulting Service

      Illumina,20018707,Nextera DNA CD Indexes (24 Indexes, 24 Samples)

      Illumina,20000767,BovineSNP50-24 v3 BeadChip (288 samples)

      Illumina,WG-450-2008,Infinium BovineSNP50+ (1152 samples)

      Illumina,20010797,Infinium XT Training Kit Pre2

      Illumina,20016937,MiSeq® System Calibration + Complete Support Plan - 6 Month

      Illumina,20020644,BaseSpace Clarity LIMS Array Integration Perpetual License

      Illumina,SC-201-1001,Infinium High-Speed Microplate Shaker (110/120V)

      Illumina,20011895,Illumina Propel Program -Infinium Initial Certification

      Illumina,20010641,Illumina Propel Program - HiSeq X Recertification

      Illumina,FC-121-1031,Nextera DNA Library Prep Kit (96 samples)

      Illumina,20020643,BaseSpace Clarity LIMS Sequencing Integration Perpetual License

      Illumina,20020629,BaseSpace Clarity LIMS Sequencing Integration Subscription 1 Instr/1 Yr

      Illumina,20006987,Illumina Propel Program - MiSeq Additional Certification

      Illumina,FC-121-1030,Nextera DNA Library Prep Kit (24 samples)


      Illumina,FC-121-1012,Nextera Index Kit (96 indexes, 384 samples)

      Illumina,20020646,BaseSpace Clarity LIMS X SeqLab Integration Perpetual License

      Illumina,FC-121-1011,Nextera Index Kit (24 indexes, 96 samples)

      Illumina,20000659,Syringe Pump, XC Tecan, Idex Polymer Val

      Illumina,20020649,25 Pack Clarity LIMS Named Users Subscription 1 Yr

      Illumina,FC-144-1001,TruSeq Rapid Exome Library Prep Kit (24 samples)

      Illumina,FC-121-1003,TruSeq Dual Index Sequencing Primer Box, Single-Read

      Illumina,20020648,10 Pack Clarity LIMS Named Users Subscription 1 Yr

      Illumina,PE-121-1003,TruSeq Dual Index Sequencing Primer Box, Paired-End

      Illumina,20020645,BaseSpace Clarity LIMS Other Integration Perpetual License

      Illumina,20006576,PHI Security Package Hosted (per year) Hosted

      Illumina,WG-450-1013,Infinium BovineLD+ BeadChip

      Illumina,20020642,BaseSpace Clarity LIMS X SeqLab Integration Subscription 1 Instr/1 Yr

      Illumina,20006592,BaseSpace Clarity LIMS Onsite Training

      Illumina,WG-440-1005,Infinium CanineHD+ (48 samples)

      Illumina,20020640,BaseSpace Clarity LIMS Array Integration Subscription 1 Instr/1 Yr

      Illumina,20006524,Data Model License (per year)

      Illumina,WG-440-1006,Infinium CanineHD+ (288 samples)

      Illumina,20020647,5 Pack Clarity LIMS Named Users Subscription 1 Yr

      Illumina,20006995,TruSight HLA Boxes 3 and 4

      Illumina,20020650,50 Pack Clarity LIMS Named Users Subscription 1 Yr

      Illumina,WG-440-1007,Infinium CanineHD+ DNA Analysis Kit (288 samples)

      Illumina,1006249,SHUTTER.APERTURE 8X12MM,BRUNO

      Illumina,20020653,25 Pack Clarity LIMS Named Users Perpetual License

      Illumina,20006984,Illumina Propel Program - NextSeq 500/550 Additional Certification

      Illumina,11237062S,SPARE.FLOAT SWITCH, CUSTOM, 7.92L 3P

      Illumina,20020651,5 Pack Clarity LIMS Named Users Perpetual License

      Illumina,20003929,NSQ 500/550 Seq System Training-Customer Site

      Illumina,20020654,50 Pack Clarity LIMS Named Users Perpetual License

      Illumina,FC-144-1000,TruSeq Rapid Exome Library Prep Kit (8 samples)


      Illumina,20020655,5 Pack Additional Reporting Model Named User Subscription 1 Yr


      Illumina,10595,Toolkit, NextSeq

      Illumina,20007749,Infinium® QCArray-24+ v1.0 BeadChip Kit (48 samples)

      Illumina,20016091,NovaSeq® Proof of Concept (POC)

      Illumina,20010588,Illumina Propel Program - HiSeq 3000/4000 Recertification



      Illumina,20015949,TruSeq® DNA Index kit Plate (96 indexes, 96 samples)

      Illumina,WG-15-119,Infinium WGG Manual to Automated Std Throughput Upgrade (110V)


      Illumina,20010179,TruSight HLA-B Primers v2

      Illumina,20016096,Illumina® Product Care NovaSeq® 6000 Advantage Plan

      Illumina,20006980,Illumina Propel Program -HiSeq 2500 Initial Certification

      Illumina,MRZ11124C,Ribo-ZeroTM Magnetic Core Kit

      Illumina,20007197,NovaSeq Sensor Flowrate

      Illumina,15051924,Sng PMP,XC Tecan,6+ PkBody,ch CER VLV

      Illumina,MRZ116C,Ribo-ZeroTM Magnetic Core Kit

      Illumina,20012490,Spare, Syring pump,XC Tecan, Idex polyme

      Illumina,15069870S,SPARE, ASSY, LED MODULE, PT-39

      Illumina,MRZH11124,Ribo-Zero rRNA Removal Kit (H/M/R) 24 reactions

      Illumina,20000525,SPARE, Z-STAGE WITH OBJECTIVE, MISEQ

      Illumina,20004334,Infinium OmniExpressExome-8+ v1.4 Kit (384 samples)

      Illumina,20020652,10 Pack Clarity LIMS Named Users Perpetual License

      Illumina,MRZH116,Ribo-Zero rRNA Removal Kit (H/M/R) 6 reactions

      Illumina,SP-102-3002,HiSeq 3000 Operational Qualification

      Illumina,20012860,NovaSeq 5000/6000 S2 Reagent Kit (300 cycles)

      Illumina,15022025R,REFURB,ASSY,FLOW CELL HOLDER, L


      Illumina,20001125,Infinium OmniExpress-24+ v1.2 Kit (48 samples)

      Illumina,20007745,ASSY, LINE GENERATION MODULE (LGM)

      Illumina,15009056S,SPARE,ASSY,Z-STAGE WITH Z-AMP

      Illumina,20001113,Infinium Omni2.5-8 v1.3 Kit (48 samples)

      Illumina,15013089S,HISEQ 1000/2000 SPARE, SELECTOR VALVE, 10 POSITION W/DIMPLES

      Illumina,20015272,TruSeq® Methyl Capture EPIC ? Customer Site

      Illumina,20000882,Hard Drive, 4 TB SATA, 6GB/S

      Illumina,15008968S,SPARE,ASSY,SM,SIPPER SENSOR 1


      Illumina,20004146,Local Run Manager Int Align Variant Call Consultation

      Illumina,15008969S,SPARE,ASSY,SM,SIPPER SENSOR 2

      Illumina,20007746,ASSY, FOCUS TRACKING MODULE (FTM)

      Illumina,20003607,Infinium Omni2.5Exome-8 v1.3 Kit (96 samples)


      Illumina,15069128,Harness 1, FAM Chassis

      Illumina,20016103,Illumina Product Care NovaSeq 6000 Distributor Plan (AMER/EMEA)

      Illumina,15004580S,SPARE, COOLANT PUMP

      Illumina,20016938,HiSeq System Calibration Complete + Complete Support Plan - 6 Month

      Illumina,15023559,SPRING,COMP,0.125"OD X 0.313"L,SS


      Illumina,20016093,Illumina® Product Care NovaSeq® 6000 Parts Only Plan

      Illumina,20005636,BRCA DNA Repair Panel - TSCA LI (96 samples)


      Illumina,20010811,Infinium XT Training Kit Post2

      Illumina,20015563,Illumina® LIMS High Throughput Server Upgrade

      Illumina,15007634S,SPARE,AIR FILTER,E-BOX

      Illumina,20020656,10 Pack Additional Reporting Model Named User Subscription 1 Yr

      Illumina,20010755,Guide, RMA Labeling and Part Return Inst

      Illumina,20006601,Certified Clarity Application Development (CCAD) Program per Student

      Illumina,15008699S,SPARE,AIR FILTER,CHASSIS

      Illumina,20018326,Illumina VeriSeq NIPT Integration - Hosted 1 year Subscription


      Illumina,20013742,ASSY, COMPUTE MODULE (CE)

      Illumina,20003606,Infinium Omni2.5Exome-8 v1.3 Kit (48 samples)

      Illumina,20015247,Infinium Exome-24 v1.1 Kit (288 samples)

      Illumina,20010810,Infinium XT Training Kit Pre1

      Illumina,FC-130-1003,TruSeq Custom Amplicon Index Kit (96 indexes, 384 samples)

      Illumina,20015250,Infinium Exome-24+ v1.1 Kit (288 samples)

      Illumina,20010748,Infinium XT Training Kit Post1

      Illumina,FC-130-1007,TruSeq Index Plate Fixture & Collar Kit (2 each)

      Illumina,20010589,Illumina Propel Program -HiSeq 3000/4000 Initial Certification

      Illumina,FC-130-1005,TruSeq Index Plate Fixture Kit (2 fixtures)

      Illumina,20015267,Infinium CoreExome-24+ v1.2 Kit (1152 Samples)

      Illumina,WG-15-116,Infinium Plus Auto72 Whole-Genome Genotyping Option Package (220V)

      Illumina,20004343,Infinium® OmniZhongHua-8+ v1.3 Kit (96 samples)

      Illumina,20004335,Infinium OmniExpressExome-8 v1.4 FastTrack Service

      Illumina,20004545,MiniSeq PQ

      Illumina,15072274S,SPARE, BSWM-Binned Bubble Sensor 6 Termination

      Illumina,11257418S,SPARE, FLAT CABLE, 6"

      Illumina,20004144,Local Run Manager-Run, Read Data QC

      Illumina,20012431,Praxis Extended RAS Panel

      Illumina,11257354S,SPARE,FUSE.SLOW BLOW 2A (2PC)

      Illumina,20018323,Illumina NovaSeq Integration - Hosted 1 year Subscription

      Illumina,20000824,TruSeq Rapid Enrichment Training - Customer Site

      Illumina,11257371S,SPARE, POWER SUPPLY, 225W, 48VDC

      Illumina,20006504,Affymetrix GeneChip® Systems Integration (per instrument)

      Illumina,20015469,TRANSITION PLATE, NOVASEQ

      Illumina,11257434S,SPARE, R-AXIS TIMING BELT

      Illumina,20018976,Illumina LIMS Package (Server and Software)

      Illumina,20006521,BaseSpace Clarity LIMS Subscription Renewal (yearly cost)

      Illumina,11257451S,SPARE, R-AXIS PULLEY

      Illumina,20006517,BaseSpace Clarity LIMS Reporting Mod and Pro Hosted Subscription 1 Yr

      Illumina,20018977,Illumina LIMS ST Server

      Illumina,20006610,LabLogic Toolkit Consulting Service

      Illumina,15025154,IFC,2.63mm,INVENIOS,FC,PE,LBH,FROM cBot

      Illumina,20015109,NextSeq® 500 Sequencing System

      Illumina,20011851,BaseSpace Clarity LIMS X Edition for Illumina SeqLab Perpetual License`

      Illumina,BD-60-503,Infinium Rocker Attachment for Hybridization Oven

      Illumina,20011616,NovaSeq,SMART-UPS X 120V EXTERNAL EXT, WW

      Illumina,20006488,Additional Illumina cBot Integration for use with Ilumina SeqLab (per year)

      Illumina,SC-30-402,Infinium Automation Kit- 8 Tip Tecan Non-LIMS (220V)

      Illumina,20015249,Infinium Exome-24+ v1.1 Kit (48 samples)


      Illumina,20015259,Infinium Core-24+ v1.1 Kit (1152 Samples)

      Illumina,20000830,BovineSNP50-24+ v3 BeadChip (288 samples)

      Illumina,15024925S,SPARE, ASSY, CAMERA 2, 512

      Illumina,20015243,Infinium PsychArray-24+ v1.2 Kit (1152 samples)

      Illumina,20005476,GGP Equine-24 Kit (48 samples)

      Illumina,20006993,TruSight HLA (24 Samples) Box 3 of 4 Post-PCR

      Illumina,MRZGP126,Ribo-Zero rRNA Removal Kit (Gram-Positive Bacteria) 6 reactions

      Illumina,20014226,GRAIL HT TruSight® LP Kit

      Illumina,20011894,Illumina Propel Program - Infinium Recertification

      Illumina,MRZGN126,Ribo-Zero rRNA Removal Kit (Gram-Negative Bacteria) 6 reactions

      Illumina,20014229,GRAIL HT HiSeq SBS Kit (300 cyc)

      Illumina,20011896,Illumina Propel Program - Infinium Additional Certification


      Illumina,20018978,TruSeq Genotype Ne (96 Samples)

      Illumina,15016311S,SPARE, DOCKING STATION 2 PCA

      Illumina,FC-420-1002,MiniSeq High Output Reagent Kit (150-cycles)

      Illumina,20014280,SureCell? Whole Transcriptome Analysis 3' Library Prep Kit (6 Cartridges Kit)

      Illumina,GD-304-2001,TruSeq cBot Multi-Primer Re-hybridization Kit v2

      Illumina,20004131,Illumina Product Care MiniSeq Parts Only Plan

      Illumina,20015234,Broad eMerge v2 Panel

      Illumina,20004472,Infinium Omni5Exome-4 v1.3 FastTrack Service

      Illumina,15032247,MISEQ, TOOL,MANIFOLD ALIGN,SS FCH

      Illumina,15072806,MiSeqDx® Universal Kit v3 SBS 2/2

      Illumina,20021354,TruSeq Neurodegeneration Panel, 24 indexes, 48 samples, 4 enrichments

      Illumina,SA0044,Archer MBC Adapters A33-A40

      Illumina,DX-102-1001,MiSeqDx Cystic Fibrosis Clinical Sequencing Assay (6 runs, 48 samples)

      Illumina,FC-144-1003,TruSeq Rapid Exome Library Prep Kit (72 samples)

      Illumina,20015529,Illumina Basic Design

      Illumina,15004454R,REFURBISHED,LASER,660nm,RED,HiSEQ,HiSCAN SQ

      Illumina,20001120,Infinium Omni2.5-8 v1.3 FastTrack Service

      Illumina,10506S,MISEQ, SPARE,THERMISTOR

      Illumina,20020532,Infinium MethylationEPIC-8+ v1.0 Kit (96 samples)

      Illumina,20005466,GGP Bovine 150K-24 Kit (1152 samples)

      Illumina,15018633,Assy.Accessories,Eco Real-Time

      Illumina,20014227,GRAIL HT TruSight® Enrichment Kit

      Illumina,RS-304-1002,TruSight RNA Fusion Panel Set A (48 samples)

      Illumina,WG-15-301,Infinium Hybridization Chamber Inserts (8)

      Illumina,20004342,Infinium® OmniZhongHua-8+ v1.3 Kit (48 samples)


      Illumina,20016098,NovaSeq® 6000 Operational Qualification

      Illumina,20004362,SPARE, FLUIDICS, SIPPER, 54.5MM, PEEK

      Illumina,20006496,Additional Molecular Device Spectromax Integration for use with Ilumina SeqLab (per year)

      Illumina,20013916,Infinium® XT XStain-only reagents

      Illumina,DX-410-1001,MiSeqDx? System

      Illumina,307601S,SPARE, SHORT WEAR GUIDE, 3.92MM

      Illumina,20015273,Infinium® Assay: An Introduction ? Customer Site

      Illumina,15069045,Pressure line - Pump

      Illumina,307635S,SPARE, SHORT WEAR GUIDE, 3.42MM

      Illumina,20002351,Kit, Preventive Maintenance, HiSeq 3000

      Illumina,20015238,Infinium PsychArray-24 v1.2 Kit (48 samples)

      Illumina,20016861,Infinium OmniExpressExome-8+ v1.5 Kit (96 samples)

      Illumina,20005137,Infinium® Global Screening Array-24+ v1.0 Kit (1152 samples)

      Illumina,15032865S,SPARE, MANIFOLD, 2-INLET, RIGHT

      Illumina,20005472,GGP PorcineHD-24 Kit (1152 samples)


      Illumina,20016860,Infinium OmniExpressExome-8+ v1.5 Kit (48 samples)

      Illumina,20004345,Infinium OmniZhongHua-8 v1.3 FastTrack Service

      Illumina,15034421S,SPARE,VALVE,SELECTOR, 24 POS

      Illumina,20016739,Infinium OmniExpressExome-8+ v1.5 Kit (16 samples)

      Illumina,20006994,TruSight HLA (24 Samples) Box 4 of 4 Post-PCR

      Illumina,15032874S,SPARE, MANIFOLD, 2-INLET, LEFT

      Illumina,20016862,Infinium OmniExpressExome-8+ v1.5 Kit (384 samples)

      Illumina,20011852,MiSeqDx® Cystic Fibrosis Clinical Sequencing Training - Cust Site

      Illumina,15003216S,SPARE, TECAN DILUTER VALVE XP

      Illumina,20020508,Infinium Methylation Custom-12 Kit (24 Samples)

      Illumina,20004141,Bioinformatics Intro for Biologists Consultation

      Illumina,15068261,HARNESS, FFC, MPCA to SBC

      Illumina,15034774,BRACKET, TEMPLATE STATION, HiSEQ

      Illumina,20015527,Infinium® XT ST Workflow Training Kit, Reagents Only

      Illumina,20006505,Automated Data Capture (ADC) Node License (per year)

      Illumina,20016106,MiSeq? System Calibration + 6 Month Field Support Plan

      Illumina,20005397,GGP BovineLD-24 v3.0 Kit (1152 samples)

      Illumina,20011755,Infinium XT Hybridization Chamber (1)

      Illumina,20004112,Spare, PCA, Main Board, Nextseq

      Illumina,20004147,BaseSpace Targeted DNA Resequencing Data Analysis Consultation

      Illumina,20020531,Infinium MethylationEPIC-8+ v1.0 Kit (32 samples)

      Illumina,20003925,TruSeq Small RNA Training-Customer Site

      Illumina,SV-414-1001,Illumina® Product Care IlluminaCompute Elite System

      Illumina,20016100,NovaSeq® 6000 IQ/OQ

      Illumina,20015892,HT1 Buffer

      Illumina,20004148,Local Run Manager Target DNA Resequencing Data Analysis Consultation

      Illumina,20013961,Assy. PC. iScan T5600XL Spare

      Illumina,SV-201-1004,Illumina® Product Care BeadXpress Gold

      Illumina,20004156,Data Processing Best Practices Consultation

      Illumina,WG-10-212,Infinium Water Circulator and Teflow Rack Kit 220V

      Illumina,20021653,BaseSpace Sequence Hub Bacterial E. Coli Serotyping iCredit

      Illumina,15036629S,SPARE, CABLE ASSY,PELTIER POWE

      Illumina,20018324,Illumina NovaSeq Integration - OnPrem 1 year Subscription

      Illumina,20004799,Spare, SBC Exhaust Fan DAY-A

      Illumina,20000919,Assy, RFID Reader, MER

      Illumina,20015251,Infinium Exome-24+ v1.1 Kit (1152 samples)

      Illumina,SC-30-401,Infinium Automation Kit- 8 Tip Tecan Non-LIMS (110V)

      Illumina,20013014,Infinium® ShrimpLD-24 v1.0 BeadChip Kit (1152 samples)

      Illumina,20016109,HiSeq? System Calibration + 6 Month Field Support Plan


      Illumina,FC-420-1003,MiniSeq High Output Reagent Kit (300-cycles)

      Illumina,15001759S,SPARE,ASSY,COVER,LIGHT BAR

      Illumina,20005610,TruSight Tumor 15 MiniSeq Kit


      Illumina,20021356,TruSeq Neurodegeneration Panel, 96 indexes, 288 samples, 24 enrichments

      Illumina,20001126,Infinium OmniExpress-24+ v1.2 Kit (288 samples)

      Illumina,20014228,GRAIL HT PE Cluster Kit


      Illumina,15023715,ASSY,RIGHT COVER,BOLT

      Illumina,20018328,Illumina VeriSeq NIPT Integration - Perpetual License

      Illumina,20005135,Infinium® Global Screening Array-24+ v1.0 Kit (48 samples)

      Illumina,15033177,SNAP CLIP,IM MODULE,0.025 inch,1/2 HARD SST

      Illumina,SV-121-1004,Illumina® Product Care LiHa 2 Preventative Maintenance Plan

      Illumina,20011615,UPS, 3KVA, 240V, 2RU RACK/TWR, WW

      Illumina,15050815,Pick, Spring

      Illumina,20020509,Infinium Methylation Custom-12 Kit (48 Samples)

      Illumina,SV-201-1002,Illumina Product Care BeadXpress Basic Plan

      Illumina,20015091,CEU HuGx EBM Panel

      Illumina,20006556,LDAP Integration Perpetual License

      Illumina,1001575S,SPARE,PCA,RTD INTERFACE

      Illumina,20006478,ABI 3730xl DNA Analyzer Integration (per instrument)

      Illumina,20015090,CRUK SMP v2 Consortia

      Illumina,WG-15-120,Infinium WGG Manual to Automated Std Throughput Upgrade (220V)

      Illumina,20015541,Wetlab Testing and Optimization

      Illumina,20006540,Illumina HiSeq X Integration (per instrument)

      Illumina,20011892,Illumina Custom Forensic Genomics Validation Service - 30 Day post- validation remote support

      Illumina,20006570,Life Technologies QuantStudio 7 Flex Integration (per year) On Premise - Subscription

      Illumina,WG-30-022,BOX.WX6,EXTENSION 1OF2 INFINIU

      Illumina,TR-302-0002,MiSeq®: Making Sense of MiData

      Illumina,20015239,Infinium PsychArray-24 v1.2 Kit (288 samples)

      Illumina,20006482,ABI 5500 SOLiD System Integration (per instrument per year) On Premise - Subscription

      Illumina,20006500,Additional Test Instance On Premise Subscription 1 Yr

      Illumina,TR-401-0001,Field Delivered Applications Training

      Illumina,20016097,Illumina® Product Care NovaSeq® 6000 Distributor Plan (APAC)


      Illumina,20006580,Seagull Scientific BarTender Integration (per year) Hosted

      Illumina,GD-401-3001,TruSeq SR Cluster Kit v3-cBot-HS

      Illumina,20006508,BaseSpace Clarity LIMS Gold Hosted Subscription 1 Yr

      Illumina,20021549,BaseSpace Sequence Hub Edico DRAGEN DNA Pipeline iCredit

      Illumina,PE-401-3001,TruSeq PE Cluster Kit v3-cBot-HS

      Illumina,20006537,Illumina HiSeq 4000 Integration (per instrument)

      Illumina,20021652,BaseSpace Sequence Hub Bacterial Analysis Pipeline iCredit

      Illumina,20010670,Infinium XT Assay Kit Pre2 4608

      Illumina,FC-401-3001,TruSeq SBS Kit v3-HS (200 cycles)

      Illumina,20016102,Illumina® Product Care NovaSeq® 6000 Preventative Maintenance

      Illumina,NP-801-2002,GenMark Top Plate II Coated v2

      Illumina,15069046,Buffer line

      Illumina,FC-401-3002,TruSeq SBS Kit v3-HS (50 cycles)

      Illumina,20016092,NovaSeq® Sequencing System Training - Customer Site

      Illumina,20005141,Infinium® Omni5Exome-4 v1.3 Kit (48 samples)

      Illumina,RZG1224,Ribo-Zero? Gold (H/M/R) 24rxns

      Illumina,MRZG12324,Ribo-Zero Gold rRNA Removal Kit (H/M/R) (24 reactions)

      Illumina,15055069,NewPort ExcelsiorOne 532 GreenLaser

      Illumina,20006523,BaseSpace Clarity LIMS X Edition for Illumina SeqLab On Premise Subscription License 1 Yr

      Illumina,20006568,Life Technologies QuantStudio 6 Flex Standard Integration

      Illumina,MRZB12424,Ribo-Zero rRNA Removal Kit (Bacteria) 24 reactions

      Illumina,20015240,Infinium PsychArray-24 v1.2 Kit (1152 samples)

      Illumina,20015262,Infinium CoreExome-24 v1.2 Kit (48 Samples)

      Illumina,20005467,GGP Bos IndicusHD-24 Kit (48 samples)

      Illumina,20001128,Infinium® OmniExpress-24 v1.2 FastTrack Service

      Illumina,BD-60-403,Replacement Infinium Hybridization Chamber Gasket (1)

      Illumina,20018679,TruSeq Bovine Parentage Sequencing Panel for MiniSeq

      Illumina,15069150,Cable, LAN Data

      Illumina,20018706,Flex Lysis Reagent Kit

      Illumina,A1-99-109,Infinium Te-Flow Thermometer Assembly

      Illumina,15071960,Harness, Rear Service Door Sensor

      Illumina,20015242,Infinium PsychArray-24+ v1.2 Kit (288 samples)

      Illumina,WG-10-207,Infinium Staining Rack (1)

      Illumina,1005490R,REFURB,ASSY,HiSEQ 2000

      Illumina,15068346,ASSY, PANEL EBOX

      Illumina,20015241,Infinium PsychArray-24+ v1.2 Kit (48 samples)

      Illumina,FC-131-1024,Nextera XT DNA Library Preparation Kit (24 samples)

      Illumina,20020530,Infinium MethylationEPIC-8+ v1.0 Kit (16 samples)

      Illumina,15069149,Harness, ATXPWR

      Illumina,20005478,GGP Equine-24 Kit (1152 samples)

      Illumina,FC-131-1096,Nextera XT DNA Library Preparation Kit (96 samples)

      Illumina,20014279,SureCell? Whole Transcriptome Analysis 3' Library Prep Kit (2 Cartridges Kit)

      Illumina,FC-131-1001,Nextera XT Index Kit (24 indexes, 96 samples)

      Illumina,15072276S,SPARE, SBM - Binned Bubble Sensor 5 Termination

      Illumina,20006506,Automated Data Capture (ADC) Node Perpetual License

      Illumina,20006498,Additional Reporting Model Named User Subscription 1 Yr

      Illumina,FC-131-1002,Nextera XT Index Kit (96 indexes, 384 samples)

      Illumina,20018621,TruSight Tumor 170 Kit, For Use with NextSeq plus Watson for Genomics


      Illumina,15026762,Box,Index Adapter Replacement Caps

      Illumina,20016939,SureCell WTA 3? Training ? Customer Site

      Illumina,20005462,GGP PorcineLD-24 Kit (288 samples)

      Illumina,20018321,BB3 Placeholder Kit

      Illumina,WG-10-202,Infinium Teflow Chamber (1)

      Illumina,20005473,GGP GIGA-MUGA-24 Kit (48 samples)

      Illumina,20012850,NovaSeq 6000 Sequencing System


      Illumina,20006227,Hybridase Thermostable RNase H - Bulk

      Illumina,SC-30-404,Infinium Automation Kit- 8 Tip Tecan LIMS Ready (220V)

      Illumina,15033394,TruSeq® Rapid PE Cluster Kit - HS

      Illumina,20018322,BB3 Box

      Illumina,20002334,Kit, Preventive Maintenance, HiSeq 4000

      Illumina,15000900S,SPARE,ASSY,VACUUM PUMP,2CH,24V

      Illumina,20015254,Infinium Core-24 v1.1 Kit (48 Samples)

      Illumina,20006493,Additional BaseSpace Clarity LIMS User (per year)

      Illumina,20006600,BaseSpace Clarity LIMS X Implementation Service

      Illumina,TR-203-0007,TruSeq® Amplicon (TSCA) Sample Preparation


      Illumina,20006982,Illumina Propel Program - NextSeq 500/550 Recertification

      Illumina,FC-130-1006,TruSeq Custom Amplicon Filter Plate (1 plate)

      Illumina,20003520,ASSY, LED MODULE, PT-39

      Illumina,233613S,SPARE,BEAM EXPANDER,532nm,VARIABLE

      Illumina,20005140,Infinium® Omni5Exome-4 v1.3 Kit (16 samples)

      Illumina,20012862,NovaSeq 5000/6000 S2 Reagent Kit (100 cycles)

      Illumina,20005615,TruSeq Small RNA Set C MiniSeq Kit (1 library prep and 2 MiniSeq reagents)

      Illumina,15021032S,SPARE, MODIFIED ISOLATOR

      Illumina,20020591,IDT for Illumina ? TruSeq RNA UD Indexes (24 Indexes, 96 Samples)

      Illumina,20011223,SYRNG PMP,TECAN XC,CERAMIC3-WAY DIST

      Illumina,20005637,MiniSeq System Training- Customer Site

      Illumina,15028648S,SPARE, ISOLATOR STANDOFF

      Illumina,20002080,Spare, Assy, Fold Mirror Focus

      Illumina,20020627,BaseSpace Sequencing hub unlimited storage and compute for HiSeq X

      Illumina,20005611,TruSight RNA Pan-Cancer Set A MiniSeq Kit

      Illumina,15067020,KIT, TUBING ASSYS, MAIN FLUIDICS, Single FCH, HiSeq

      Illumina,20005616,TruSeq Small RNA Set D MiniSeq Kit (1 library prep and 2 MiniSeq reagents)

      Illumina,WG-400-1001,Infinium iSelect HD Custom BeadChip Kit (12x1, 48 samples)

      Illumina,20016101,Illumina® Product Care NovaSeq® 6000 System Health Check

      Illumina,20005461,GGP PorcineLD-24 Kit (48 samples)

      Illumina,15006190S,SPARE, GREEN FILTER WHEEL ASSEMBLY, 8 POS, 532NM

      Illumina,20005396,GGP BovineLD-24 v3.0 Kit (288 samples)


      Illumina,20005469,GGP Bos IndicusHD-24 Kit (1152 samples)

      Illumina,WG-30-025,BOX.WX9,SIG DEV 2OF2 INFINIUMI

      Illumina,20006419,ASSY, SERVER, CONFIGURED, X/3K/4K

      Illumina,20005614,TruSeq Small RNA Set B MiniSeq Kit (1 library prep and 2 MiniSeq reagents)


      Illumina,SY-401-1002,Illumina® Certified Pre-Owned HiSeq® 2000


      Illumina,15071932,Assy, Reagent Door, Laminated

      Illumina,20013962,Proof of Concept (POC) for Arrays

      Illumina,1005486S,SPARE, VACUUM PUMP ASSEMBLY

      Illumina,AB0017,Archer FusionPlex Pan-Heme Kit - 8 reactions

      Illumina,20018708,Nextera DNA CD Indexes (96 Indexes, 96 Samples)

      Illumina,20000198,Hard Drive,250 GB,2.5 IN,WD2500LPLX

      Illumina,AB0007,Archer FusionPlex CTL Panel - 8 reactions

      Illumina,SV-420-1007,Illumina Product Care MiSeq Advantage Plan

      Illumina,AB0019,Archer FusionPlex Lymphoma Kit - 8 reactions

      Illumina,BD-60-402,Infinium Hybridization Chamber (1)

      Illumina,20006544,Illumina MiSeq Integration (per instrument per year) Hosted

      Illumina,20007281,Assy, Thermal Kit, Field, NeoPrep

      Illumina,20020622,BaseSpace Sequencing hub unlimited storage and compute for MiSeq

      Illumina,20006546,Illumina MiSeq Integration (per instrument)

      Illumina,20003608,Infinium Omni2.5Exome-8 v1.3 Kit (384 samples)

      Illumina,15061565,PCA,COMM BOARD,cBot PST,TESTED

      Illumina,20006614,Infinium XT iSelect-96 Kit (4608 samples)

      Illumina,20015265,Infinium CoreExome-24+ v1.2 Kit (48 Samples)

      Illumina,20004523,ILMN Custom FGx Validation Service-90 post-val


      Illumina,20004149,BaseSpace RNA Seq Data Analysis Consultation

      Illumina,20012861,NovaSeq 5000/6000 S2 Reagent Kit (200 cycles)

      Illumina,20006545,Illumina MiSeq Integration (per instrument per year) On Premise - Subscription

      Illumina,15054969S,SPARE,POD,TitanHT VALVE,24-POS



      Illumina,AB0011,Archer FusionPlex Heme v2 Kit- 8 reactions

      Illumina,210948S,SPARE,HYB CHAMBER, INFINIUM 1

      Illumina,AB0003,Archer FusionPlex Sarcoma Kit - 8 reactions

      Illumina,20020624,BaseSpace Sequencing hub unlimited storage and compute for HiSeq 2500

      Illumina,AB0009,Archer FusionPlex Oncology Research Kit - 8 reactions

      Illumina,A1-99-108,Infinium Te-Flow Tubing Clamps (1 box)

      Illumina,20014015,NovaSeq Lib. Tbs Accessory Pk (24 tbs)

      Illumina,AB0001,Archer® FusionPlex® Alk Ret Ros1 v2, for Illumina®

      Illumina,WG-10-203,Infinium HD Te-Flow Chamber Spacers (box of 500)

      Illumina,15069147,Harness, Audio

      Illumina,20018622,TruSight Tumor 170 Kit plus Watson for Genomics

      Illumina,AB0013,Archer FusionPlex ALL Kit - 8 reactions

      Illumina,SC-60-503,SciGene TruTemp Heating System (110V)

      Illumina,20015248,Infinium Exome-24 v1.1 Kit (1152 samples)

      Illumina,WG-100-1001,Infinium LCG Te-Flow Chambers

      Illumina,AB0015,Archer FusionPlex Myeloid Kit - 8 reactions

      Illumina,15061535,PCA,POWER BOARD,cBot PST

      Illumina,15010230,WG#-RPM.RANDOM PRIMER MIX

      Illumina,SA0040,Archer® MBC Adapters A1-A8 for Illumina®

      Illumina,AK0036-4,Archer SureShot Negative Fusion Controls



      Illumina,AK0035-4,Archer SureShot ALK, RET, ROS1 Fusion Controls

      Illumina,20007770,Infinium® QCArray-24+ v1.0 BeadChip Kit (288 samples)

      Illumina,SV-420-1002,Illumina Product Care MiSeq Basic Plan

      Illumina,SV-420-1001,Illumina Product Care MiSeq Parts Only Plan

      Illumina,20011893,Illumina Forensic Genomic Validation Teach-Back

      Illumina,SA0042,Archer MBC Adapters A17-A24

      Illumina,BG1224,ScriptSeq Complete Gold Kit (H/M/R) 24 reactions

      Illumina,20016094,Illumina® Product Care NovaSeq® 6000 Basic Plan

      Illumina,AB0005,Archer FusionPlex Solid Tumor Kit - 8 reactions

      Illumina,BG1206,ScriptSeq Complete Gold Kit (H/M/R) 6 reactions

      Illumina,SA0045,Archer MBC Adapters A41-A48

      Illumina,20004344,Infinium® OmniZhongHua-8+ v1.3 Kit (384 samples)

      Illumina,BHMR1205,ScriptSeq Complete Kit (H/M/R) 6 reactions

      Illumina,SA0043,Archer MBC Adapters A25-A32

      Illumina,RS-303-1003,TruSight RNA Pan-Cancer Panel Set B

      Illumina,BB1206,Scriptseq Complete (Bacteria) with Ribo-Zero Bacteria rRNA Removal (6 reactions)

      Illumina,20020666,PLM2-v2 10-pack

      Illumina,BHMR1224,ScriptSeq Complete Kit (H/M/R) 24 reactions

      Illumina,20006532,Illumina HiSeq 3000 Integration (per instrument per year) Hosted

      Illumina,BIO-RAD 12004336,Bio-Rad® ddSEQ? Single-Cell Isolator

      Illumina,20006484,ABI 7900HT Fast Real-Time PCR System Integration (per instrument per year) Hosted

      Illumina,BB1224,ScriptSeq Complete Kit (Bacteria) 24 reactions

      Illumina,BPL1205,ScriptSeq Complete Kit (Plant Leaf) 6 reactions

      Illumina,20020626,BaseSpace Sequencing hub unlimited storage and compute for HiSeq 4000

      Illumina,20006499,Additional On Premise Test Instance Perpetual License

      Illumina,20015246,Infinium Exome-24 v1.1 Kit (48 samples)

      Illumina,BSR1206,ScriptSeq Complete Kit (Plant Seed/Root) 6 reactions

      Illumina,20006525,Data Model Perpetual License

      Illumina,15068874,Field Kit, EMC retrofit, ferrites and washers

      Illumina,20006553,LabLobic Toolkit Subscription 1 Month

      Illumina,SV-420-1006,Illumina Product Care MiSeq Distributor Plan

      Illumina,20000769,BovineSNP50-24+ v3 BeadChip (48 samples)

      Illumina,SV-420-1003,Illumina Product Care MiSeq Comprehensive Plan

      Illumina,20016105,MiSeq? System Calibration + 6 Month Reagent Replacement Plan

      Illumina,15048124S,SPARE, Assy, Pogo Pin

      Illumina,20000768,Infinium® BovineSNP50-24 v3.0 BeadChip Kit (1152 samples)


      Illumina,20006611,Seagull Scientific BarTender Software Integration Implementation Service

      Illumina,15051346,Assy, Z Bridge

      Illumina,15020704S,SPARE, WASTE BOTTLE SIPPER TUBE

      Illumina,20005134,Infinium® Global Screening Array-24 v1.0 Kit (1152 samples)

      Illumina,15020836S,SPARE, ASSY,SINGLE LUMEN,WASTE

      Illumina,20020593,Verifi+ Prenatal Test - Microdeletions and All Chromosomes

      Illumina,20020592,Verifi+ Prenatal Test - All Chromosomes

      Illumina,20005136,Infinium® Global Screening Array-24+ v1.0 Kit (288 samples)



      Illumina,15022597S,SPARE, LED MODULE ASSEMBLY

      Illumina,15022708S,SPARE, SYRINGE, 250uL

      Illumina,15075748,ASSY, E-BOX ANALYTICAL, USB-RBST CM FW2.042

      Illumina,20014328,VeriSeq NIPT16 SW v1.4 RUO USB Kit

      Illumina,20014329,VeriSeq NIPT16 SW v1.4 CE-IVD USB Kit


      Illumina,20015266,Infinium CoreExome-24+ v1.2 Kit (288 Samples)

      Illumina,20007178,Assy, PM kit, Field, NeoPrep


      Illumina,20002942,VeriSeq PGS v1 - Partner Library Prep Kit

      Illumina,20020590,IDT for Illumina ? TruSeq DNA UD Indexes (24 Indexes, 96 Samples)

      Illumina,15023182S,SPARE, CABLE,USB,EXT,PNL MT,5F

      Illumina,20006579,Seagull Scientific BarTender Integration (per month)

      Illumina,15023215S,SPARE, SIMPLE LED RCA BOARD

      Illumina,20005613,TruSeq Small RNA Set A MiniSeq Kit (1 library prep and 2 MiniSeq reagents)

      Illumina,FC-150-1001,TruSeq Exome Library Prep Kit (24 samples)

      Illumina,20005395,GGP BovineLD-24 v3.0 Kit (48 samples)

      Illumina,15023379S,SPARE, LCD TOUCHSCREEN ASSEMBLY, 12.1"

      Illumina,FC-150-1006,TruSeq® Expanded Exome Kit (8rxn × 12 plex)

      Illumina,FC-150-1005,TruSeq® Expanded Exome Kit (8rxn × 6 plex)

      Illumina,15025370S,SPARE, SYRINGE PUMP WITH 3WAY VALVE

      Illumina,20006550,Illumina NextSeq 500 Integration (per instrument per year) Hosted

      Illumina,20000269,ASSY, LEFT PANEL, MER


      Illumina,FC-150-1004,TruSeq Exome Library Prep Kit (96 samples)

      Illumina,15071982,ASSY, REAGENT TRAY RFID

      Illumina,15026038S,SPARE,ASSY,TUBE,FC OUTLET

      Illumina,FC-150-1003,TruSeq Exome Library Prep Kit (72 samples)

      Illumina,15020748S,SPARE, SLIDE TABLE,IGUS SLW-06

      Illumina,FC-150-1002,TruSeq Exome Library Prep Kit (48 samples)

      Illumina,20007279,BaseSpace Sequence Hub MiniSeq Integration (per year) On Premise- Perpetual


      Illumina,SY-411-1001,MiSeq FGx? Sequencing System

      Illumina,20007318,BaseSpace Sequence Hub HiSeq 4000 Integration (per year) On Premise- Subscription

      Illumina,SE-550-1001, ForenSeq? Universal Analysis Software and Server

      Illumina,15021901S,SPARE, OPTICAL FILTER, 527.5/21 F8

      Illumina,20006497,Additional BaseSpace Clarity LIMS Named User Subscription 1 Mth

      Illumina,SY-411-1002, MiSeq FGx? Upgrade Kit

      Illumina,20002063,TLA. BSO SW v2.1.1

      Illumina,15022182S,SPARE, DISK DRIVE COVER

      Illumina,20006490,Additional Perkin Elmer LabChip GX Integration for use with Ilumina SeqLab (per year)

      Illumina,15022863S,SPARE, GASKET,PORON,ADH BACKED

      Illumina,SV-404-1008,Illumina Product Care HiSeq® 4000 Distributor (EMEA)

      Illumina,SV-404-1010,Illumina Product Care HiSeq® 4000 Distributor (APAC)

      Illumina,15067937,PCA, REAR PANEL, MER

      Illumina,15023705S,SPARE, AIR FILTER, 12X20X0.5

      Illumina,11205511S,SPARE, CONN.POLYPROP,L-SHAPE 3

      Illumina,20004124,Genomics IT Consulting-Large Engagement

      Illumina,15023712S,SPARE, REAGENT DOOR ASSEMBLY

      Illumina,10595S,SPARE, Toolkit, Nova

      Illumina,20007310,BaseSpace Sequence Hub HiSeq/GAII Integration (per year) On Premise- Subscription

      Illumina,15023713S,SPARE, ASSY,LEFT FRONT COVER

      Illumina,11197822S,SPARE, SS HOSE CLAMPS, 7/32'10/BOX

      Illumina,20007309,BaseSpace Sequence Hub HiSeq/GAII Integration (per year) Hosted-Gold


      Illumina,10681S,Kit, Preventive Maintenance HiseqX


      Illumina,20013012,Infinium® ShrimpLD-24 v1.0 BeadChip Kit (48 samples)

      Illumina,10683S,Kit, Preventive Maintenance HiSCAN

      Illumina,20005475,GGP GIGA-MUGA-24 Kit (1152 samples)


      Illumina,15070435,KIT, MiSeqDx Customer Image on SS HDD

      Illumina,20007307,BaseSpace Sequence Hub NextSeq Integration (per year) On Premise- Perpetual


      Illumina,20006510,BaseSpace Clarity LIMS Gold Perpetual License

      Illumina,15025602S,SPARE, ASSY,FCH,SIDE BUTTON,RF

      Illumina,15042062S,SPARE, ASSY, PCA, ASSY & TESTED

      Illumina,20004795,TruSeq Bovine Parentage Kit (96 indexes, 384 samples)

      Illumina,WG-410-2001,PorcineSNP60v2 BeadChip (48 samples)

      Illumina,SY-312-2001,cBot 2

      Illumina,WG-410-2002,PorcineSNP60v2 BeadChip (288 samples)

      Illumina,20001118,Infinium Omni2.5-8+ v1.3 Kit (96 samples)

      Illumina,FT-307-1001,MaizeLD FastTrack Service

      Illumina,20001119,Infinium Omni2.5-8+ v1.3 Kit (384 samples)

      Illumina,WG-410-2003,PorcineSNP60v2 BeadChip (1152 samples)

      Illumina,FT-307-1002,MaizeLD+ FastTrack Service

      Illumina,15003337,CableAssy,Zamp to OBIF

      Illumina,20007304,BaseSpace Sequence Hub NextSeq Integration (per year) Hosted-Silver

      Illumina,15051681S,MISEQ, SPARE, ASSY, FCH TEC

      Illumina,20007301,BaseSpace Sequence Hub MiSeq Integration (per year) Hosted-Gold

      Illumina,FT-310-1206,BovineHD BeadChip

      Illumina,20005465,GGP Bovine 150K-24 Kit (288 samples)

      Illumina,15055293,Nextera® XT Index Kit 24 indexes - 96 samples

      Illumina,20003926,TruSeq Nano DNA Training-Customer Site

      Illumina,AL100UML-X,Ampligase Thermostable DNA Ligase - Bulk

      Illumina,20006983,Illumina Propel Program -NextSeq 500/550 Initial Certification

      Illumina,SC-16-350,Isolation Table Set

      Illumina,15053148,HISEQ X, ASSY, REAGENT RACK, SBS, 8 X 2

      Illumina,RS-301-2001,TruSeq RNA Access Library Prep Kit - Set A (12 indexes, 48 samples)

      Illumina,SC-60-504,SciGene TruTemp Heating System (220V)

      Illumina,20006518,BaseSpace Clarity LIMS Reporting Mod and Pro On Premise Subscription 1 Yr

      Illumina,15069112,Harness, FC_BO1

      Illumina,WG-100-1002,Infinium LCG Te-Flow Chamber Spacers (box of 500)

      Illumina,RS-301-2002,TruSeq RNA Access Library Prep Kit - Set B (12 indexes, 48 samples)

      Illumina,WG-100-2001,Infinium LCG Te-Flow Chamber Upgrade Kit (8)

      Illumina,15052814,PATCH CABLE,1', BLACK,C14 to C

      Illumina,20007305,BaseSpace Sequence Hub NextSeq Integration (per year) Hosted-Gold

      Illumina,20004421,ASSY,MiniSeq UT FC V2,PROGRAMMED

      Illumina,15067106,HiSeq® 3000/4000 SBS Kit 150 cycles (Box 1 of 2)

      Illumina,WG-100-2002,Infinium LCG Te-Flow Chamber Upgrade Kit (24)

      Illumina,20004350,Infinium QCArray-24 v1.0 BeadChip Kit FastTrack Service

      Illumina,SE-430-1003,BaseSpace Onsite Sequence Hub-20U Cabinet

      Illumina,SE-104-1013,Infinium LCG Robotic Tip Guide F

      Illumina,SE-430-1004,BaseSpace Onsite Sequence Hub-Bridge


      Illumina,20005858,NeoPrep OQ Coverage Add-On

      Illumina,20011853,TruSight® RNA Pan Cancer Training - Cust Site

      Illumina,FT-700-2010,Illumina FastTrack Services, 10× Coverage or minimum 33Gb data Add-on, Human WGS

      Illumina,SV-111-1002,Illumina Product Care Autoloader Basic Plan

      Illumina,15023845S,SPARE, ASSY,CAMERA MODULE

      Illumina,20003814,Infinium XT Assay Kit Post2 4608

      Illumina,20001100,Infinium Multi-Ethnic EUR/EAS/SAS-8 v1.0 Kit (16 samples)

      Illumina,20010642,Illumina Propel Program -HiSeq X Initial Certification

      Illumina,15037081S,SPARE, CABLE, LP4 TO 2X LP4 PO

      Illumina,15006196S,SPARE, RED FILTER WHEEL ASSEMBLY, 8 POS, 660NM

      Illumina,20001108,Infinium® Multi-Ethnic EUR/EAS/SAS-8 v1.0 FastTrack Service

      Illumina,20004121,HSQ 3000/4000 Seq System Training-Customer Site


      Illumina,FC-452-1001,ForenSeq? Human Sequencing Control

      Illumina,RS-304-1003,TruSight RNA Fusion Panel Set B (48 samples)

      Illumina,FC-451-1001,ForenSeq Index Adapter Fixture

      Illumina,20010644,HiSeq® Analysis Software v2.0 annual license

      Illumina,15049178,NEXTSEQ, TRAY ASSY, BUFFER WASH

      Illumina,20012126,Infinium® XT HT Workflow Training Kit, Reagents Only

      Illumina,11177451S,SPARE,MAGNET.RAISED BAR

      Illumina,11257338S,SPARE, BEVEL GEAR WITH SET SCREW, #12

      Illumina,20002286,UPS. PowerVar. 800VA/720W. AMR

      Illumina,TG-301-3001,TG TruSeq Cluster Kit v3- cBot -HS (flowcell)

      Illumina,11285419S,SPARE,HOOK.SIDE, COVER

      Illumina,20007319,BaseSpace Sequence Hub HiSeq 4000 Integration (per year) On Premise- Perpetual

      Illumina,TG-101-3002,TG TruSeq SBS Kit v3 - HS (50-cycles)

      Illumina,20007323,BaseSpace Sequence Hub HiSeq X Integration (per year) On Premise- Perpetual

      Illumina,178706S,SPARE,CORD.N AMER,10AMP

      Illumina,20000642,Idex Polymer Valve Head (No Pump)

      Illumina,TG-101-3001,TG TruSeq SBS Kit v3 - HS (200-cycles)


      Illumina,20004327,VeriSeq NIPT Analysis Server (16 Samples) Product Care Service Plan


      Illumina,MTE0970,TE Buffer 70 ml

      Illumina,15001480S,SPARE,KIT,CABLE HARNESS,HiSEQ2

      Illumina,15060042,PCA, Side Panel, USB

      Illumina,RZPL11016,Ribo-Zero rRNA Removal Reagents (Plant Leaf) 6 Rxns

      Illumina,20005470,GGP PorcineHD-24 Kit (48 samples)

      Illumina,15002622S,SPARE,ASSY,CABLE,FC LED

      Illumina,20005474,GGP GIGA-MUGA-24 Kit (288 samples)

      Illumina,RT80125K,MMLV High Performance Reverse Transcriptase 25,000 U

      Illumina,15038760S,SPARE, ASSY,MANIFOLD_AND_SOLEN


      Illumina,20004123,Genomics IT Consulting-Medium Engagement

      Illumina,20007277,BaseSpace Sequence Hub MiniSeq Integration (per year) Hosted-Gold

      Illumina,15034395S,SPARE, ASSY,FLOWCELL HOLDER,LNR,HiSeq1500

      Illumina,TNP92110,EZ-Tn5 Transposase 10 Std Rxns

      Illumina,20007302,BaseSpace Sequence Hub MiSeq Integration (per year) On Premise- Subscription

      Illumina,R1804M,Ready-Lyse Lysozyme Solution 4,000,000 U

      Illumina,R1810M,Ready-Lyse Lysozyme Solution 10,000,000 U

      Illumina,20004530,Onsite Technology Enablement Server Training <(>&<)> Competency - Customer Site - RUO

      Illumina,20004527,VeriSeq NIPT Analysis Server (16 Samples) - Training <(>&<)> Competency @ Customer Site

      Illumina,R2F110C,2'-Fluorine-dCTP Solution


      Illumina,R2F110U,2'-Fluorine-dUTP Solution

      Illumina,15051654S,SPARE, ASSY, ALIGNMENT TOOL KIT, HiSeq X

      Illumina,20005143,Infinium® Omni5Exome-4 v1.3 Kit (384 samples)

      Illumina,GD-310-1001,HiSeq® 3000/4000 cBot? Multi-Primer Rehybridization Kit

      Illumina,20010190,TruSight HLA-DRB Primers v2

      Illumina,MPRK0705,Proteinase K 1.5 ml

      Illumina,15061065S,SPARE, ASSY, IMAGING MODULE, GLASS

      Illumina,15068305,ASSY, REAR FAN

      Illumina,MPRK092,Proteinase K 2 ml

      Illumina,SP-101-1006,cBot? IQ/OQ

      Illumina,20007314,BaseSpace Sequence Hub HiSeq 3000 Integration (per year) On Premise- Subscription

      Illumina,20007322,BaseSpace Sequence Hub HiSeq X Integration (per year) On Premise- Subscription

      Illumina,15031966S,Spare, Assy, E-box, Populated

      Illumina,20004420,SPARE, ASSY, IMAGING MODULE, CAST

      Illumina,FC-133-1001,Nextera® XT Library Prep Kit PulseNet (96 samples)

      Illumina,15037806,FLOWCELL,BEADED,HiSeq V3 2.63MM

      Illumina,20004326,Server, Onsite Technology Enablement Product Care Service Plan - RUO

      Illumina,20005477,GGP Equine-24 Kit (288 samples)

      Illumina,SW-490-1001,GenoLogics Clarity LIMS X Edition

      Illumina,G09200,GELase Enzyme Prep 200 U @ 1 U/ul

      Illumina,20005612,TruSight Cancer MiniSeq Kit

      Illumina,G31200,GELase Enzyme Prep 200 U @ 0.2 U/ul


      Illumina,SW-410-1002,BaseSpace Live Storage (1TB)

      Illumina,20007303,BaseSpace Sequence Hub MiSeq Integration (per year) On Premise-Perpetual

      Illumina,15049151S,SPARE,POWER SUPPLY,ATX,750W,MiSeq

      Illumina,15024104,MISEQ, TOOL,CAMERA X-AXIS ADJUSTER

      Illumina,15073319,TRAY, WASH, REAGENT, MT Merlion

      Illumina,LK0750H,Fast-Link DNA Ligation Kit 50 Lig.

      Illumina,FC-401-4003,HiSeq SBS Kit V4 250 cycle kit

      Illumina,20011101,Infinium® XT Upgrade Kit (24 Beadchips)

      Illumina,LK6201H,Fast-Link DNA Ligation Kit 100 Lig

      Illumina,FC-501-2501,HiSeq X Ten Reagent Kit v2.5

      Illumina,20011100,Infinium® XT Starter Kit (24 Beadchips)

      Illumina,TSM08KR,EZ-Tn5 <R6Kyori / KAN-2> Tnp Transposome 10 Rxns

      Illumina,FC-501-2521,HiSeq X Ten Reagent Kit v2.5 - 10 pack

      Illumina,20012129,XT Flow Through Chamber (8 pack)

      Illumina,TSM99K2,EZ-Tn5 <KAN-2> Tnp Transposome Kit 10 Std Rxns

      Illumina,FC-502-2501,HiSeq X Five Reagent Kit v2.5

      Illumina,15072725S,SPARE, KEY, OS IMAGE, HiSeq v18.0

      Illumina,FC-502-2521,HiSeq X Five Reagent Kit v2.5 - 10 pack


      Illumina,DX-502-1003,Index Adapter Replacement Caps

      Illumina,15069113,Harness, XYStage_BO1

      Illumina,SP-106-1001,MiSeq FGx? Installation Qualification

      Illumina,20005464,GGP Bovine 150K-24 Kit (48 samples)

      Illumina,SP-106-1002,MiSeq FGx? Operational Qualification

      Illumina,SP-106-1003,MiSeq FGx? PQ

      Illumina,20004332,Infinium OmniExpressExome-8+ v1.4 Kit (48 samples)

      Illumina,15049517,Assy, Waste Bottle

      Illumina,20004359,TruSeq® Custom Amplicon Low Input INCa Consortium

      Illumina,20005460,GGP BovineLD-24 v4.0 Kit (1152 samples)

      Illumina,SY-401-3001,HiSeq® 3000 Sequencing System

      Illumina,RSBC10948,ScriptSeq Index PCR Primers (Set 1)

      Illumina,20006569,Life Technologies QuantStudio 7 Flex Integration (per year) Hosted

      Illumina,20003802,Infinium XT Assay Kit Pre 4608

      Illumina,EC6P095H,TransforMax EC100D pir-116 Electrocomp E.coli (10)

      Illumina,SY-401-4001,HiSeq® 4000 Sequencing System

      Illumina,20001332,BaseSpace HT Onsite Sequence Hub

      Illumina,15071902,ASSY, HEATER BLOCK

      Illumina,ECP09500,TransforMax EC100D pir+ Electrocomp E.coli (10)

      Illumina,15065545S,SPARE, Miseq 12MM Z-STAGE, v2.

      Illumina,SW-411-1001,BaseSpace Live Storage (10TB)

      Illumina,SP-102-4006,HiSeq® 4000 IQ/OQ

      Illumina,20005170,TruSight HLA v2 Sequencing Panel (24 samples, automated)

      Illumina,SP-103-1006,MiSeq® IQ/OQ

      Illumina,TY0261H,TypeOne Restriction Inhibitor 100 ug @ 5 ug/ul

      Illumina,20000215,TruSight HLA v2 Sequencing Panel (24 samples)

      Illumina,15049709,POWER CORD,NA,C19,2

      Illumina,20004122,Genomics IT Consulting-Small Engagement

      Illumina,15056908,LUBRICANT,MOBIL VACTRA #2 1BT

      Illumina,20004330,Infinium OmniExpressExome-8 v1.4 Kit (384 samples)

      Illumina,AL005UML-X,Ampligase? DNA Ligase- Bulk (5 U/ul)

      Illumina,20007320,BaseSpace Sequence Hub HiSeq X Integration (per year) Hosted-Silver

      Illumina,20004482,Infinium Omni5-4 v1.2 FastTrack Service

      Illumina,15061484S,SPARE, NEST,FLOWCELL

      Illumina,20005468,GGP Bos IndicusHD-24 Kit (288 samples)

      Illumina,15061493S,SPARE, ASSY, CAMERA SET, 518-CAMERA

      Illumina,20001116,Infinium Omni2.5-8+ v1.3 Kit (16 samples)


      Illumina,20001117,Infinium Omni2.5-8+ v1.3 Kit (48 samples)


      Illumina,CCIS125,CopyControl Induction Solution

      Illumina,20001127,Infinium OmniExpress-24+ v1.2 Kit (1152 samples)

      Illumina,CIS40025,CopyCutter Induction Solution 25 ml

      Illumina,20006535,Illumina HiSeq 4000 Integration (per instrument per year)


      Illumina,15067912S,SPARE, Comp AssY, mini-ITX SBCw/ DRAM an

      Illumina,20013013,Infinium® ShrimpLD-24 v1.0 BeadChip Kit (288 samples)

      Illumina,15019698S,SPARE, CABLE ASSY,ZAMP 2 MAIN

      Illumina,15050816,Set, Wrench

      Illumina,15022965S,SPARE, CABLE ASSY,RC-DOOR SENSOR

      Illumina,20000681,BOX,SHIPPING INSTRUMENT,MER

      Illumina,15049637S,SPARE, ASSY, CCP MOUNTED, 4.0mm

      Illumina,15055827,Kit, Accessories, NeoPrep

      Illumina,15049709S,SPARE, POWER CORD,NA,C19,2.5M

      Illumina,20004525,VeriSeq NIPT Analysis Server (16 Samples) IQ/OQ

      Illumina,20004207,Infinium OmniExpressExome-8 v1.4 Kit (16 samples)

      Illumina,15061533S,SPARE, MICROSCAN SCANNER

      Illumina,20004134,Illumina Product Care MiniSeq Advantage Plan

      Illumina,15066482S,SPARE, Assy, Power Supply, HiSeq

      Illumina,20007276,BaseSpace Sequence Hub MiniSeq Integration (per year) Hosted-Silver

      Illumina,15066890S,SPARE, ASSY,PCA,PCIO,TESTED

      Illumina,RA02825,ATP (Adenosine-5'-Triphosphate) 25 umoles @ 100 mM

      Illumina,20004521,ILMN Instrument Verification

      Illumina,15076343,ASSY,POWER SUPPLY,ATX,750W,MiSeq

      Illumina,RN02825,Ribonucleoside-5'-Triphosphate (A, C, G, U Sep.) 25 umole @ 100 mM ea

      Illumina,20003583,Infinium Omni2.5Exome-8 v1.3 Kit (16 samples)

      Illumina,20005152,Infinium® Omni5-4 v1.2 Kit (96 samples)

      Illumina,MPY80200,MasterPure Yeast DNA Purif Kit 200 Purif

      Illumina,20005153,Infinium® Omni5-4 v1.2 Kit (384 samples)

      Illumina,20007313,BaseSpace Sequence Hub HiSeq 3000 Integration (per year) Hosted-Gold

      Illumina,RG90910K,RiboGuard RNase Inhibitor 10,000 U @ 40 U/ul

      Illumina,FT-252-1024,Infinium iSelect 24x1 HTS Fast Track Service

      Illumina,RG90925,RiboGuard RNase Inhibitor 2,500 U @ 40 U/ul

      Illumina,FT-251-1008,Infinium iSelect 8x1 LCG Fast Track Service

      Illumina,20006519,BaseSpace Clarity LIMS Silver On Premise Subscription License 1 Yr

      Illumina,C300C105,TransforMax EPI300 Chem. Comp. E.coli 10 x 50 ul

      Illumina,20004136,MiniSeq Operational Qualification

      Illumina,CL2ML-X,CircLigase II ssDNA Ligase-Bulk

      Illumina,C400CH10,CopyCutter EPI400 Chem. Comp. E.coli 10 x 50 ul

      Illumina,20003609,Infinium Omni2.5Exome-8 v1.3 FastTrack Service

      Illumina,15001617,HINGE,CHILLER DOOR

      Illumina,C400EL10,CopyCutter EPI400 Electrocomp. E.coli 10 x 50 ul

      Illumina,20006422,FLD UPGRADE KIT, HSQ OMAX LSR


      Illumina,20007308,BaseSpace Sequence Hub HiSeq/GAII Integration (per year) Hosted-Silver

      Illumina,CC02810,TransforMax EC100 Chem. Comp. E.coli 10 x 50 ul

      Illumina,EC02T110,TransforMax EPI300-T1R Electrocomp E.coli 10 x 100



      Illumina,15069109,Harness, Power Supply Unit

      Illumina,EC10010,TransforMax EC100 Electrocompetent E.coli 20 Elect

      Illumina,20005142,Infinium® Omni5Exome-4 v1.3 Kit (96 samples)

      Illumina,20004333,Infinium OmniExpressExome-8+ v1.4 Kit (96 samples)

      Illumina,EC300110,TransforMax EPI300 Electrocomp E.coli 10 x 100 ul


      Illumina,15067566,HiSeq® cBot? 2 Manifold

      Illumina,SE-101-1007,Universal Starter Kit (220V)

      Illumina,20001102,Infinium Multi-Ethnic EUR/EAS/SAS-8 v1.0 Kit (96 samples)

      Illumina,20013380,FF Early Access Reservation

      Illumina,AIS107F,CopyControl Fosmid Autoinduction Solution 50 ml

      Illumina,20001098,Infinium® Multi-Ethnic AMR/AFR-8 v1.0 FastTrack Service

      Illumina,FSP995D,FailSafe PCR 2X PreMix D 2.5 ml

      Illumina,20007797,GGP Potato-24 v1.0 Kit (1152 samples)

      Illumina,20006539,Illumina HiSeq X Integration (per instrument per year) On Premise - Subscription

      Illumina,WG-455-1001,MaizeLD BeadChip Kit (48 samples)

      Illumina,SP-301-1006,iScan® IQ/OQ

      Illumina,WG-455-1002,MaizeLD BeadChip Kit (288 samples)

      Illumina,FSP995F,FailSafe PCR 2X PreMix F 2.5 ml

      Illumina,20001123,Infinium OmniExpress-24 v1.2 Kit (288 samples)

      Illumina,WG-455-1003,MaizeLD BeadChip Kit (1152 samples)

      Illumina,FSP995H,FailSafe PCR 2X PreMix H 2.5 ml

      Illumina,WG-455-1011,MaizeLD+ BeadChip Kit (48 samples)

      Illumina,20007316,BaseSpace Sequence Hub HiSeq 4000 Integration (per year) Hosted-Silver

      Illumina,WG-455-1012,MaizeLD+ BeadChip Kit (288 samples)

      Illumina,20003928,MiSeq System Training-Customer Site

      Illumina,MM070150,MMLV Reverse Transcriptase 1st-Strand cDNA Synthesis Kit 50 Rxns

      Illumina,WG-455-1013,MaizeLD+ BeadChip Kit (1152 samples)

      Illumina,20006573,Pacific Biosciences PacBio RS II Integration

      Illumina,RZH110424,Ribo-Zero? rRNARemoval Kit (H/M/R) 24rxns


      Illumina,20006474,3 Pack Reporting Module Named Users Subscription 1 Yr


      Illumina,20006588,Automated Data Capture Implementation Service

      Illumina,15023894S,SPARE, BRKT,CAMERA Y-AXIS ADJUST

      Illumina,20006606,Integration to LDAP Implementation Service Hosted

      Illumina,15029340S,SPARE, BRKT,STAGE LOCK,CLEAR

      Illumina,20006589,BaseSpace Clarity LIMS Gold Hosted Implementation Service

      Illumina,15033643S,SPARE, ASSY,HiSeq 2500

      Illumina,15065075,TruSight® (12 samples) Rapid Capture Reagents 2 to 8°C

      Illumina,15069129,Harness, E-Box Fan, MPCA

      Illumina,GD-403-4001,HiSeq® Multi-Primer Rehybridization Kit v4

      Illumina,20004132,Illumina Product Care MiniSeq Basic Plan

      Illumina,FC-110-3002,NextSeq? PhiX Control Kit

      Illumina,20006495,Additional Named BaseSpace Clarity LIMS User Subscription License (per year)

      Illumina,20004324,Server, Onsite Technology Enablement Product Care Service Distributor Plan - RUO


      Illumina,15065076,TruSight® (12 samples) Rapid C

      Illumina,A043250B,Ampligase 10X Buffer 250 ml Custom


      Illumina,WG-405-1001,Infinium HTS iSelect-24 Kit (48 samples, 90,001-700K)

      Illumina,20006555,LDAP Integration License (per year)

      Illumina,WG-405-1002,Infinium HTS iSelect-24 Kit (288 samples, 90,001-700K)

      Illumina,20006572,Life Technologies QuantStudio 12K Flex Standard Integration (per instrument)

      Illumina,WG-405-1003,Infinium HTS iSelect-24 Kit (1152 samples, 90,001-700K)

      Illumina,20010182,TG TruSeq® RNA Access Library Prep Kit - Coding Transcriptome (96 samples, 24 indexes)

      Illumina,FT-800-1000,Illumina Clinical Services Lab-Research Collaboration, 30× Coverage or minimum 100Gb data, Human WGS

      Illumina,199929S,SPARE, SET SCREW.M2X3,SS


      Illumina,178722S,SPARE, CORD.UK,C13,13AMP

      Illumina,20006595,BaseSpace Clarity LIMS Silver Hosted Implementation Service

      Illumina,20006229,ILS Platform, Assay

      Illumina,MHF925B,MasterAmp Extra-Long 2X PCR Premix 2 5 ml


      Illumina,20007315,BaseSpace Sequence Hub HiSeq 3000 Integration (per year) On Premise- Perpetual

      Illumina,15052704S,SPARE, TOOL KIT, DELTA, HiSeq

      Illumina,15026291,NUDGER,VERT CAMERA ADJUST

      Illumina,MHF925D,MasterAmp Extra-Long 2X PCR Premix 4 5 ml

      Illumina,15053455S,SPARE, 1TB HDD EIGHT-PAC

      Illumina,15072802,ASSY,MANIFOLD,2 PORT,INTERSECT

      Illumina,15055096S,SPARE, Monitor, Multi Touch, L

      Illumina,15055336S,SPARE, ASSY, Monitor with Radi

      Illumina,20007311,BaseSpace Sequence Hub HiSeq/GAII Integration (per year) On Premise- Perpetual

      Illumina,15055828S,SPARE,USB KEY,HiSeq 7.3 CLONEZ

      Illumina,20005398,GGP BovineLD-24 v4.0 Kit (48 samples)

      Illumina,MHF925H,MasterAmp Extra-Long 2X PCR Premix 8 5 ml

      Illumina,20004331,Infinium OmniExpressExome-8+ v1.4 Kit (16 samples)

      Illumina,15051985S,SPARE,ASSY,HARD DRIVE, IMAGE A

      Illumina,20004528,Onsite Technology Enablement Server, IQ/OQ - RUO


      Illumina,20004145,BaseSpace Intro to Alignment and Variant Calling Consultation

      Illumina,20005399,GGP BovineLD-24 v4.0 Kit (288 samples)

      Illumina,TA6160,10X TA Buffer 6 ml

      Illumina,15048120S,SPARE, Deck Motor Assy

      Illumina,20006477,454 GS FLX System Integration (per instrument)

      Illumina,TR-204-0023,TruSight Myeloid - Customer Site

      Illumina,RZNB1056,Ribo-Zero rRNA-Removal Reagents (Gram-Negative Bacteria) 6 Rxns

      Illumina,20006602,Data Model Training and Consulting

      Illumina,TR-204-0024,TruSight® HLA - Customer Site

      Illumina,TTH72250,MasterAmp Tth DNA Polymerase 250 U @ 5 U/ul

      Illumina,20001093,Infinium Multi-Ethnic AMR/AFR-8 v1.0 Kit (384 samples)

      Illumina,20004470,BRCA DNA Repair Panel - TSCA LI (16 samples)

      Illumina,FS9901K,FailSafe PCR System 1,000 U

      Illumina,20007278,BaseSpace Sequence Hub MiniSeq Integration (per year) On Premise- Subscription

      Illumina,20001095,Infinium Multi-Ethnic AMR/AFR-8+ v1.0 Kit (48 samples)

      Illumina,20007796,GGP Potato-24 v1.0 Kit (288 samples)

      Illumina,20001104,Infinium Multi-Ethnic EUR/EAS/SAS-8+ v1.0 Kit (16 samples)

      Illumina,15025504S,SPARE,ADAPTER PLATE,HISEQ2000, KEYED


      Illumina,20005463,GGP PorcineLD-24 Kit (1152 samples)

      Illumina,E3101K,Plasmid-Safe ATP-Dep DNase 1,000 U @ 10 U/ul

      Illumina,15026420R,REFURB, V2 PUMP,8-CHANNEL SYRINGE,w/ 250 ul SYRINGES

      Illumina,TAN07924,TargetAmp Nano-g Biotin a-RNA Labeling Kit for the Illumina System 24 Rxns

      Illumina,15011631S,SPARE, HiSeq® Flowcell Spare Gaskets 4 Pack

      Illumina,20003818,Infinium XT Assay Kit Post3 4608

      Illumina,TAN091096,TargetAmp Nano-g Biotin a-RNA Labeling Kit for the Illumina System 96 Rxns

      Illumina,20011102,Infinium® 96-XT Tip Guide Set


      Illumina,CCFOS059,CopyControl HTP Fosmid Library Production Kit 1 Kit

      Illumina,20000766,BovineSNP50-24 v3 BeadChip (48 samples)

      Illumina,15065160S,Spare, Kit, PM Lubricant and Swabs

      Illumina,CCFOS110,CopyControl Fosmid Library Production Kit 1 Kit

      Illumina,20011850,Upgrade BaseSpace Clarity LIMS Gold to X Subscription 1 Yr

      Illumina,15060035S,SPARE, Thermal Control PCA

      Illumina,ER0720,End-It DNA End-Repair Kit 20 Rxns

      Illumina,20006565,Life Technologies QuantStudio 12K Flex Integration (per instrument per year) On Premise - Subscription

      Illumina,15060040S,SPARE, Rear Panel PCA

      Illumina,20007312,BaseSpace Sequence Hub HiSeq 3000 Integration (per year) Hosted-Silver

      Illumina,ER81050,End-It DNA End-Repair Kit 50 Rxns

      Illumina,15060079S,SPARE, Assy Power Supply

      Illumina,15051854S,SPARE, Assy, Magnet

      Illumina,20011757,Infinium Te-Flow Chamber Frames (8)

      Illumina,20011756,XCG Glass Back Plate (8)

      Illumina,WG-420-1001,OvineSNP50 BeadChip (48 samples)

      Illumina,20011758,Infinium Te-Flow Chamber Clamps (16)

      Illumina,15051857S,SPARE, Assy, Detector

      Illumina,15073566,ASSY, CHEMISTRY MODULE PCA, TESTED V2.042

      Illumina,15048070S,SPARE, Assy, Fan

      Illumina,20006489,Additional Illumina HiSeq X Integration for use with Ilumina SeqLab (per year)

      Illumina,15005106R,REFURB, LSR.658nm,Coherent,FRE


      Illumina,20007300,BaseSpace Sequence Hub MiSeq Integration (per year) Hosted-Silver


      Illumina,15004246S,SPARE, ISOLATOR,SILICONE GEL,1

      Illumina,20007321,BaseSpace Sequence Hub HiSeq X Integration (per year) Hosted-Gold

      Illumina,WG-420-1003,OvineSNP50 BeadChip (1152 samples)

      Illumina,15006426S,SPARE, Cable Assy,Zamp to Camera-Pwr

      Illumina,20006605,Instrument Integration Service- Automated & Semi-Automated

      Illumina,15010280S,SPARES, POWER SUPPLY, COMBO, 12V, 24V, 48V

      Illumina,SW-410-1003,BaseSpace Live Storage (5TB)

      Illumina,15019398S,SPARE, OBJECTIVE LENS, TESTED


      Illumina,15017876S,SPARE, ASSY, LIFTING HANDLE, HI-SCAN

      Illumina,20004143,BaseSpace Run and Read Data QC Consultation

      Illumina,20004325,VeriSeq NIPT Analysis Server (16 Samples) Product Care Service Distributor Plan

      Illumina,15008035S,SCANNER,1D BARCODE,LS4208

      Illumina,15029566S,SPARE, ASSY,ADAPTER,FCH & BCH

      Illumina,15008036S,STAND,BARCODE SCANNER,LS4208

      Illumina,15017712S,SPARE, SIPPER RAIL,2X4,HI-SCAN

      Illumina,20006571,Life Technologies QuantStudio 7 Flex Standard Integration

      Illumina,20004157,Bioinformatics Consulting

      Illumina,15008581S,ASSY,FRONT COVER,IM

      Illumina,15017714S,SPARE, SIPPER RAIL,2X10,HI-SCAN

      Illumina,20011069,Infinium XT Starter Kit (48 BeadChip batches)

      Illumina,313007S,SPARE,CABLE.USB EXT,15FT


      Illumina,20012127,XT Hyb Chamber Gasket

      Illumina,314069S,SPARE,JUMPER.SNSR EX FLTR 532

      Illumina,15006359S,SPARE, ASSY. TARGET, FILTER, O.D. 1.0

      Illumina,314077S,SPARE, JUMPER.SNSR EX FLTR 658


      Illumina,20006559,Life Technologies Ion PGM Integration (per instrument per year) On Premise - Subscription



      Illumina,20007317,BaseSpace Sequence Hub HiSeq 4000 Integration (per year) Hosted-Gold

      Illumina,256655S,SPARE, CABLE.HARNESS #1

      Illumina,15008162S,SPARE, PANEL,RIGHT FILTER,BRUNO

      Illumina,20005471,GGP PorcineHD-24 Kit (288 samples)


      Illumina,15072930,PCA, MAIN, PROGRAMMED, MNSQ

      Illumina,15017234S,SPARE, ASSY,TUBING,CABLE TRACK

      Illumina,20007306,BaseSpace Sequence Hub NextSeq Integration (per year) On Premise- Subscription

      Illumina,236849S,SPARE,CCA.DOCK STATION BRD

      Illumina,15022594S,SPARE, ASSY,L8

      Illumina,244347S,SPARE, CCA.FW DBL

      Illumina,20006533,Illumina HiSeq 3000 Integration (per instrument per year) On Premise- Subscription

      Illumina,15019624S,SPARE, BEAMSPLITTER,DICHROIC,20 DEG.,F3

      Illumina,20010794,Infinium XT Training Kit Post3

      Illumina,11293267S,SPARE, CCA.LIGHT BAR, NEWTON

      Illumina,15049133S,SPARE,ASSY,SERVER,FORTRIS6341 DUAL CPU 4U,OS IMAGE 7.3

      Illumina,15008369S,SPARE, COVER, POWER ENTRY MODULE

      Illumina,20006564,Life Technologies QuantStudio 12K Flex Integration (per instrument per year) Hosted

      Illumina,20000388,ASSY, FC LATCH CLAMP MODULE, TOOLED

      Illumina,SW-361-1001,BaseSpace Correlation Engine-Small Academic Lab License

      Illumina,15017195S,SPARE, FOAM,RE-iSCAN,PC MONITOR

      Illumina,SW-361-1002,BaseSpace Correlation Engine-Lrg Academic Lab License


      Illumina,15067493S,SPARE, ASSY, FRONT BEZEL, NEXTSEQ 550

      Illumina,15051925S,NEXTSEQ, Syringe Pump Valve, Head Only


      Illumina,15069114,TERMINATION, FLOWCELL FAN

      Illumina,15019623S,SPARE, MIRROR,M4

      Illumina,15049047,Syringe, UHMWPE, 500uL StrokeVolume

      Illumina,0419-0023S,POWER CORD,NA,2.44M

      Illumina,15028645S,SPARE, CABLE,USB TYPE A EXT,PNL F TO M,4 FT

      Illumina,20001266,BaseSpace Onsite v2.0.1 Image Update

      Illumina,1004386S,POWER CORD, JAPAN, 2.5M, BLK,,

      Illumina,15025021S,SPARE, TOOL,T-HANDLE,5/64" HEX

      Illumina,20022290,Praxis Extended RAS Panel Training - Customer Site

      Illumina,1005274S,NOZZLE SINGLE, G 1/4" SWIVEL A

      Illumina,15030960S,SPARE, RETAINER, FILTER, F8, MOLDED


      Illumina,15025022S,SPARE, TOOL,T-HANDLE,M6 HEX KEY,6"

      Illumina,TG-410-1005,TG HiSeq® 3000/4000 SR ClusterKit


      Illumina,15034197S,SPARE, ASSY,COVER,FRONT, HiSeq 2500_1500


      Illumina,20019987,NextSeq 550 Silver Support Plan


      Illumina,15008362S,ASSY,VACUUM PUMP,SM

      Illumina,20020005,MiniSeq Gold Support Plan

      Illumina,15051665S,SPARE, ASSY, PCA, PCIO, PROGRAMMED

      Illumina,20019982,MiniSeq Silver Support Plan

      Illumina,15032247S,SPARE, TOOL,MANIFOLD ALIGN,SS FCH

      Illumina,15008742S,SPARE, ASSY,REAGENT CHILLER

      Illumina,20020010,NextSeq 550 Gold Support Plan

      Illumina,15027879S,SPARE, CLOTH,BLACKOUT,3' X 3'

      Illumina,15008130S,SPARE,FAN, BRUSHLESS, 24VDC, 120x120


      Illumina,199751S,SPARE, TOOL.KNOB,HEX,2MM

      Illumina,20019960,MiSeq Bronze Support Plan

      Illumina,15008300S,SPARE, FITTING,SINGLE, COMP,G1/4" SW

      Illumina,20020006,MiSeq Gold Support Plan

      Illumina,15051768S,SPARE, ASSY, ALIGNMENT TOOL, OFFSET

      Illumina,20020136,NextSeq 550 Warranty Upgrade: Gold Support Plan


      Illumina,15000402S,SPARE, ASSY. DICHORIC PUSHER, BRUNO

      Illumina,20020134,MiSeq Dx Warranty Upgrade: Gold Support Plan

      Illumina,15052814S,SPARE, PATCH CABLE,1', BLACK,C14 to C19

      Illumina,15016492S,SPARE, NOZZLE,SINGLE, G 1/4" STRIGHT

      Illumina,15042916R,REFURB, ASSY, IMAGING MODULE


      Illumina,20019959,MiniSeq Bronze Support Plan


      Illumina,15068874S,SPARE, Field Kit, EMC retrofit


      Illumina,15046162S,SPARE, Harness, Front Skin, Female

      Illumina,15008365S,SPARE, ASSY,VACUUM TRAP SENSOR, SM

      Illumina,15056908S,SPARE, LUBRICANT, VACTRA #2 1BTL equals

      Illumina,20020111,MiSeq Dx Warranty Upgrade: Silver Support Plan

      Illumina,15007965S,SPARE,MOUNT,DICHROIC FILTER,HF5


      Illumina,20019964,NextSeq 550 Bronze Support Plan

      Illumina,20020109,MiSeq Warranty Upgrade: Silver Support Plan

      Illumina,15007963S,SPARE,MOUNT,DICHROIC MIRROR,HM2

      Illumina,15051908,ASSY, HiSeq2500, FACTORY FLUIDICS UPGRAD

      Illumina,20019985,MiSeq Dx Silver Support Plan

      Illumina,15023966S,SPARE,SET,ASSY,TURRETS,CH1 and


      Illumina,233605S,SPARE, BEAM EXPANDER,658nm,VARIABLE


      Illumina,15007523S,SPARE, COMPENSATOR

      Illumina,20020131,MiniSeq Warranty Upgrade: Gold Support Plan

      Illumina,RT-801-1001,TruSeq Targeted RNA Supplemental Content Kit (48 samples)


      Illumina,20020113,NextSeq 550 Warranty Upgrade: Silver Support Plan

      Illumina,15050132,PINHOLE, 1.09mm HIGH

      Illumina,15015096S,SPARE,ASSY,TUBING,VICI UPPER (

      Illumina,20019962,MiSeq Dx Bronze Support Plan

      Illumina,15053334S,SPARE,1TB  HARD DRIVE

      Illumina,20020008,MiSeq Dx Gold Support Plan

      Illumina,306552S,SPARE, ASSY.SUPERMOUNT

      Illumina,20019983,MiSeq Silver Support Plan

      Illumina,15063508,NextSeq CN 500 Chassis and Kit

      Illumina,FT-800-1011,TruGenome? Technical Sequence Data, Rapid

      Illumina,SSV21106,ScriptSeq RNA-Seq Library Preparation Kit 6 reactions

      Illumina,RT-102-1001,TruSeq Targeted RNA Custom Panel Kit (96 samples)

      Illumina,SSV21124,ScriptSeq RNA-Seq Library Preparation Kit 24 reactions



      Illumina,15026398,ASSY,TOOL KIT,ALIGNMENT

      Illumina,15046149S,SPARE, LED Heat sink Fan Termination


      Illumina,15009310S,SPARE, CABLE.CAMLINK,3.61M,RA


      Illumina,R12130M,Ready-Lyse Lysozyme Solution

      Illumina,15061575S,SPARE, CABLE ASSY,GPIO

      Illumina,L12100K,T4 DNA Ligase, Cloned

      Illumina,15023026S,SPARE, CAP PLUG,800ML WASTE

      Illumina,15065256S,SPARE, Test Card, NeoPrep

      Illumina,OC121200K,OmniCleave Endonuclease

      Illumina,15011052S,SPARE, C-Clamp, IM Mount


      Illumina,15046185S,SPARE, Harness, Fluidics Automation, Fem



      Illumina,15001581S,SPARE, ASSY,SWITCH,RESET,16mm

      Illumina,15046204S,SPARE, E-Box Fan Termination-


      Illumina,15001582S,SPARE, ASSY,FAN,40mm

      Illumina,15053148S,SPARE, ASSY, REAGENT RACK, SBS, 8 X 250,

      Illumina,15008930S,SPARE, SDB MODULE ASSEMBLY

      Illumina,15061462R,REFURB, ASSY,CLUSTER STATION,cBot2,TESTE

      Illumina,SV-800-1000,Service Contract Upgrade

      Illumina,15010445S,SPARE, ASSY, SNSR, COMPSTR

      Illumina,15061470S,SPARE, ASSY,COGNEX SCANNER

      Illumina,15022267,Miseq, COUPLING,FLEXIBLE,5 mm

      Illumina,15020497,96-WELL GENOMIC DNA PLATE

      Illumina,15061535S,SPARE, PCA,POWER BOARD,cBot PST

      Illumina,1006381,FAN MOUNT, VIBRATION DAMPING

      Illumina,15061538S,SPARE, ASSY,CLAMP,FLOWCELL,cBot PST

      Illumina,15006359,ASSY. TARGET, FILTER, O.D. 1.0

      Illumina,SMIP2124,ARTseq Index PCR Primers (1-12)

      Illumina,15031920S,SPARE, ROTOR A-4-32, BUCKET


      Illumina,1002005S,SPARE, PEEK NUT,6-40 THREAD

      Illumina,FC-121-3003,TruSeq DNA PCR-Free HT Library Preparation Kit (96 indexes in plate format, 96 samples)

      Illumina,15065073S,SPARE, ASSY, P603-K023, STAGE

      Illumina,15004294S,SPARE,MANIFOLD,INLET, RIGHT,25

      Illumina,FC-121-3001,TruSeq DNA PCR-Free LT Library Preparation Kit - Set A (12 Set A index tubes, 24 samples)

      Illumina,15066365S,SPARE, BOX,PST cBot,ASSY

      Illumina,15004295S,SPARE, LEFT INLET MANIFOLD, 25X75

      Illumina,FC-121-3002,TruSeq DNA PCR-Free LT Library Preparation Kit - Set B (12 Set B index tubes, 24 samples)

      Illumina,15066600S,SPARE, ASSY,SINGLE FLOWCELL HOLDER, 8 Po

      Illumina,SE-901-1001,Illumina Hybridization Oven (110V)


      Illumina,15045812S,SPARE,TOOL,EXTENDER,6-40 STEPO


      Illumina,250894S,SPARE,ASSY.PCB MODULE,PEM&AC/D

      Illumina,15045811S,SPARE,TOOL,EXTENDER, MODIFIED

      Illumina,SSIP1202,ScriptSeq Index PCR Primers (Set 2)


      Illumina,SSIP1203,ScriptSeq Index PCR Primers (Set 3)

      Illumina,15026420S,Spares, Pump, Syringe, W/250ul, V2

      Illumina,15044014S,SPARE,PEEK PROBE

      Illumina,SSIP1204,ScriptSeq Index PCR Primers (Set 4)

      Illumina,FC-130-1008,TruSeq Amplicon - Cancer Panel (96 samples)



      Illumina,15022052,WG#-SML.SIGNAL MIX LONG,FINISH REAG

      Illumina,SP-402-1001,Onsite Technology Enablement ? HiSeq®

      Illumina,15034740S,SPARE, ASSY,SBC,MiSeq2

      Illumina,15020689,#-LX1,FINISH REAG,LONG XSTAI N 1

      Illumina,SP-403-1001,Onsite Technology Enablement ? NextSeq®

      Illumina,CT-901-2002,Genomic Sequencing Primer Kit (up to 10 lanes)

      Illumina,15020692,WG#-LX2,FINISH REAG,LONG XSTAI N 2

      Illumina,OP-101-1001,TruSight Tumor 15 MiSeq Kit

      Illumina,SE-401-1006,IlluminaCompute Standard storage only upgrade

      Illumina,SSIP1234,ScriptSeq Index PCR Primers (Sets 1-4)

      Illumina,11257346S,SPARE, COMM BOARD

      Illumina,OP-101-1002,TruSight Tumor 15 (Library Prep Only)

      Illumina,FT-420-2001,Infinium OvineSNP50 v2 BeadChip

      Illumina,15033383S,SPARE, RECIRCULATING PUMP, 7L,


      Illumina,FT-410-2001,Infinium PorcineSNP60 v2 BeadChip

      Illumina,MRZPL1224,Ribo-Zero rRNA Removal Kit (Plant Leaf) 24 reactions

      Illumina,WG-330-2001,Infinium Core-24 Kit (48 samples)

      Illumina,MS-103-1002,MiSeq Reagent Micro Kit v2 (300-cycles)

      Illumina,MS-103-1003,MiSeq Reagent Nano Kit v2 (500-cycles)

      Illumina,WG-330-2002,Infinium Core-24 Kit (288 samples)

      Illumina,MS-103-1001,MiSeq Reagent Nano Kit v2 (300-cycles)

      Illumina,WG-330-2003,Infinium Core-24 Kit (1152 samples)

      Illumina,TG-141-1002,TG TruSight? Cancer Sequencing Panel

      Illumina,WG-330-2011,Infinium Core-24+ Kit (48 samples)

      Illumina,10530S,SPARE, SAS CONTROL CARD

      Illumina,TG-141-1005,TG TruSight Inherited Disease Sequencing Panel (48 Samples)

      Illumina,WG-330-2012,Infinium Core-24+ Kit (288 samples)

      Illumina,WG-15-307,Infinium Accessory Starter Kit - Mid Throughput (220V)

      Illumina,11257400S,SPARE, FLAT CABLE, 24"

      Illumina,WG-330-2013,Infinium Core-24+ Kit (1152 samples)

      Illumina,SW-400-6001,GenomeStudio Protein Analysis Module (BeadXpress License)


      Illumina,15006867S,SPARE, PCBA, SM, DISTRIBUTION BOARD

      Illumina,WG-15-305,Infinium Accessory Starter Kit - Low Throughput (220V)

      Illumina,QEDNA1ML-X,QuickExtract DNA Extraction Solution - Bulk

      Illumina,15026661S,SPARE. HARD DRIVE, HiSEQ/HiSCAN

      Illumina,SP-801-1001,HiSeq® Proof of Concept

      Illumina,WG-15-308,Infinium Accessory Starter Kit - High Throughput (110V)

      Illumina,SP-801-1002,MiSeq® Proof of Concept



      Illumina,15026129,FC,14 X 28MM X 1.27MM,1.7MM CH,BEADED

      Illumina,SP-801-1003,NextSeq® Proof of Concept


      Illumina,WG-15-309,Infinium Accessory Starter Kit - High Throughput (220V)



      Illumina,11285187S,Spare, ASSY.COVER, FRONT

      Illumina,1003518S,SPARE,SOLENOID PUMP ASSY

      Illumina,FT-900-2030,Illumina® FastTrack® Services - UK, 30× Coverage or minimum 100 Gb data, Human WGS

      Illumina,WG-15-304,Infinium Accessory Starter Kit - Low Throughput (110V)

      Illumina,GD-410-1001,HiSeq 3000/4000 SR Cluster Kit

      Illumina,15032935S,SPARE, SYRINGE, XC PUMP,500uL

      Illumina,WG-15-310,Infinium Multi-Sample Alignment Fixture (1)

      Illumina,TG-301-3101,TG TruSeq® SR Cluster Kit v1? cBot? - HS


      Illumina,15019050,GASKET,CO-MOLDED,2 POS

      Illumina,SV-102-1002,Illumina Product Care iScan Basic Plan

      Illumina,15020142,CARTRIDGE,50X26.5MM,28X14MM FL

      Illumina,TG-280-1001,TG Truseq® Nano DNA Accessory Kit


      Illumina,WG-400-1003,Infinium iSelect HD Custom BeadChip Kit (12x1, 1152 samples)

      Illumina,15050009S,cBOT, Spare,Single-Board Computer


      Illumina,11285291S,SPARE,TRIM, DOOR

      Illumina,11257485S,SPARE, BASE FAN ASSEMBLY

      Illumina,305550S,SPARE,CLAMP,PZT STAGE

      Illumina,15065078,TruSight® Cardio (12 samples)Oligos


      Illumina,SY-401-4002,HiSeq® 3000 to HiSeq® 4000 Upgrade


      Illumina,15053648,Kit,Power Cord,NextSeq,CHINA

      Illumina,15020683S,POWER METER HOLDER ASSY

      Illumina,TG-112-1001,TG TruSeq® Dual Index Sequencing Primer Kit, Single-Read

      Illumina,WG-15-306,Infinium Accessory Starter Kit - Mid Throughput (110V)

      Illumina,15017552S,SPARE, CRATE, TECAN 150 SERIES

      Illumina,11257389S,SPARE,ASSY.TOWER BOARD PCE4-03

      Illumina,TG-202-1001,TG TruSeq® Nano DNA LT Sample Prep Kit, Set A (24 Samples)

      Illumina,SV-102-1001,Illumina Product Care iScan Parts Only Plan

      Illumina,TG-202-1002,TG TruSeq® Nano DNA LT Sample Prep Kit, Set B (24 Samples)

      Illumina,FC-130-1001,TruSeq Custom Amplicon Kit (96 samples)

      Illumina,244443S,SPARE, GREEN LASER, 532NM

      Illumina,RT-101-1001,TruSeq Targeted RNA Custom Panel Kit (48 samples)

      Illumina,SE-901-1002,Illumina Hybridization Oven (220V)

      Illumina,EC-800-1006,Spare, Power Supply, Main 350W, 24V

      Illumina,RT-802-1001,TruSeq Targeted RNA Supplemental Content Kit (96 samples)

      Illumina,EC-800-1012,Spare, Memory, RAM, 2GB DDR PC 6400 240P DIMM

      Illumina,BPL1224,ScriptSeq Complete Kit (Plant Leaf) 24 reactions


      Illumina,EC-800-1011,Spare, Power Supply, M2, ATX-HV, 6-32VIN, 140W

      Illumina,SE-104-1009,Infinium HD Ultra-24 Robotic Tip Guide D

      Illumina,15047955S,SPARE, ASSY, CCP MOUNTED, 3.0mm

      Illumina,MBCL90310,MessageBOOSTER cDNA Synthesis from Cell Lysates Kit 10 Rxns

      Illumina,15052816S,SPARE, Kit,Power Cord,NextSeq,AU

      Illumina,15053122S,SPARE, HARD DRIVE,250G,2.5",7200RPM

      Illumina,TAB1R80524,TargetAmp 1-Round Biotin-aRNA Amplification Kit 105 24 Rxns

      Illumina,15057168S,SPARE, TUBING,Common Line 2

      Illumina,15061155S,SPARE, ACCESSORIES,MiSeq FGx

      Illumina,15065073R,REFURBISHED, ASSY, P603-K023,STAGE

      Illumina,178335R,REFURB, CABLE,CTRL,HC120,EXT

      Illumina,SV-102-1003,Illumina Product Care iScan Comprehensive Plan

      Illumina,15065074S,SPARE, ASSY,OBJECTIVE,12 MM STAGE,v2.1

      Illumina,15072903S,Spare,USB Key,cBot2 Image

      Illumina,E3110K,Plasmid-Safe ATP-Dep DNase 10,000 U @ 10 U/ul

      Illumina,15057170S,SPARES, FLUIDICS, TUBING, SMAWaste Line

      Illumina,15061205S,SPARE, FITTING SINGLE,SWIVEL ANGLED (06m

      Illumina,15061530S,SPARE,LID,CHASSIS,cBot PST

      Illumina,15061565S,SPARE, PCA,COMM BOARD,cBot PST,TESTED

      Illumina,15065545R,REFURBISHED, ASSY, 12MM Z-STAGE, v2.1

      Illumina,15066690S,SPARE, AT Thermal CalibrationKit

      Illumina,15066891S,SPARE, ASSY,PCA,HDCB

      Illumina,15029259S,SPARE,CABLE ASSY,CHILLER/PR2 S



      Illumina,15047955,HISEQ X ASSY, CCP MOUNTED, 3.0mm

      Illumina,WG-357-1001,Infinium ImmunoArray-24 v2 BeadChip Kit (48 samples)



      Illumina,WG-357-1002,Infinium ImmunoArray-24 v2 BeadChip Kit (288 samples)

      Illumina,15053648S,SPARE, Kit,Power Cord,NextSeq,CHINA

      Illumina,WG-357-1003,Infinium ImmunoArray-24 v2 BeadChip Kit (1152 samples)

      Illumina,SP-102-3006,HiSeq® 3000 IQ/OQ

      Illumina,15058865S,SPARE,USB KEY,CBOT IMAGE,22.0.C01.201404

      Illumina,15069801S,SPARE, ASSY,MONITOR & BARCODE,cBot2








      Illumina,15050118S,SPARE, CABLE,DB25 MALE TO DB25FEMALE,6',

      Illumina,15057169S,SPARE, TUBING,Common Line 1

      Illumina,SV-350-1008,Illumina Product Care NeoPrep? Distributor (EMEA)

      Illumina,SV-350-1010,Illumina Product Care NeoPrep? Distributor (APAC)

      Illumina,WG-317-1001,Infinium MethylationEPIC BeadChip Kit (16 samples)

      Illumina,WG-317-1002,Infinium MethylationEPIC BeadChip Kit (32 samples)

      Illumina,FC-151-1002,TruSeq-Methyl Capture EPIC Library Prep Kit (12 samples, 4 indexes)

      Illumina,WG-317-1003,Infinium MethylationEPIC BeadChip Kit (96 samples)

      Illumina,FC-151-1003,TruSeq-Methyl Capture EPIC Library Prep Kit (48 samples, 12 indexes)

      Illumina,WG-317-1004,Infinium® Methylation Custom BeadChip Kit(96 samples)

      Illumina,FC-134-2001,TruSeq Custom Amplicon Low Input Kit (96 samples)

      Illumina,FC-134-2002,TruSeq Custom Amplicon Low Input Kit (16 samples)


      Illumina,FC-126-1004,TruSeq Synthetic Long-Read DNA Accessory Kit

      Illumina,15049946,HiSeq® PE Cluster Kit v4 cBot

      Illumina,15067070,Install Flow Cell,HiSeq 3K/4K

      Illumina,20000666,TruSeq® Amplicon Low Input - Customer Site

      Illumina,15069584,German Consortia for Breast and Ovarian Cancer NRCC Panel

      Illumina,SP-101-1004,Illumina® Product Care cBot? Preventative Maintenance

      Illumina,SP-101-1005,Illumina® Product Care cBot? System Health Check

      Illumina,SP-102-1504,Illumina® Product Care HiSeq® 1000/1500 Preventative Maintenance

      Illumina,SP-102-1505,Illumina® Product Care HiSeq® 1000/1500 System Health Check

      Illumina,SP-102-2504,Illumina® Product Care HiSeq® 2000/2500 Preventative Maintenance

      Illumina,15019983,MISEQ, BAR,REAR CLAMP

      Illumina,WG-331-1111,Infinium CoreExome-24+ v1.1 Kit (48 samples)

      Illumina,WG-331-1112,Infinium CoreExome-24+ v1.1 Kit (288 samples)

      Illumina,WG-331-1113,Infinium CoreExome-24+ v1.1 Kit (1152 samples)

      Illumina,WG-331-1101,Infinium CoreExome-24 v1.1 Kit (48 samples)

      Illumina,WG-331-1102,Infinium CoreExome-24 v1.1 Kit (288 samples)

      Illumina,WG-331-1103,Infinium CoreExome-24 v1.1 Kit (1152 samples)

      Illumina,SP-102-2505,Illumina® Product Care HiSeq® 2000/2500 System Health Check

      Illumina,SP-102-1104,Illumina® Product Care HiSeq X? Preventative Maintenance

      Illumina,SP-102-1105,Illumina® Product Care HiSeq X? System Health Check

      Illumina,SP-103-1004,Illumina® Product Care MiSeq® Preventative Maintenance

      Illumina,SP-103-1005,Illumina® Product Care MiSeq® System Health Check

      Illumina,SP-104-1004,Illumina® Product Care NextSeq® 500 Preventative Maintenance

      Illumina,SP-104-1005,Illumina® Product Care NextSeq® 500 System Health Check

      Illumina,SP-201-1004,Illumina® Product Care NeoPrep? Preventative Maintenance

      Illumina,SP-201-1005,Illumina® Product Care NeoPrep? System Health Check

      Illumina,SP-301-1004,Illumina® Product Care iScan® Preventative Maintenance

      Illumina,SP-301-1005,Illumina® Product Care iScan® System Health Check

      Illumina,SP-503-1004,Illumina® Product Care MiSeqDx? Preventative Maintenance

      Illumina,SP-503-1005,Illumina® Product Care MiSeqDx? System Health Check

      Illumina,SP-302-1004,Illumina® Product Care HiScan® Preventative Maintenance

      Illumina,TG-202-1003,TG TruSeq® Nano DNA HT Sample Preparation Kit (96 Samples)

      Illumina,15041079,NEXTSEQ, AIR FILTER, 8x8x1.0

      Illumina,15072805,MiSeqDx® Universal Kit v3 SBS 1/2

      Illumina,15056112,HiSeq® Rapid SBS Kit - FunnelBottle Caps

      Illumina,SP-302-1005,Illumina® Product Care HiScan® System Health Check

      Illumina,SP-303-1004,Illumina® Product Care HiScanSQ? Preventative Maintenance

      Illumina,SP-303-1005,Illumina® Product Care HiScanSQ? System Health Check

      Illumina,SP-106-1005,Illumina® Product Care MiSeq FGx? System Health Check

      Illumina,SP-105-1004,Illumina® Product Care Genome Analyzer? Preventative Maintenance

      Illumina,SP-105-1005,Illumina® Product Care Genome Analyzer? System Health Check

      Illumina,SP-901-1001,Illumina® Product Care 1-Day Response (Single Event)

      Illumina,SV-160-1001,Illumina Product Care 1-Day Response Coverage Add-On

      Illumina,SP-901-1002,Illumina® Product Care 2-Day Response (Single Event)

      Illumina,SV-160-1002,Illumina Product Care 2-Day Response Coverage Add-On

      Illumina,SV-161-1001,iScan OQ Coverage Add-On

      Illumina,RNCR1ML-X,BOM Ribonuclease R - Bulk


      Illumina,WG-313-5001,Infinium Omni5-4 Kit (16 samples)

      Illumina,WG-313-5002,Infinium Omni5-4 Kit (48 samples)

      Illumina,WG-313-5004,Infinium Omni5-4 Kit (384 samples)

      Illumina,WG-313-5005,Infinium Omni5-4+ Kit (16 samples)

      Illumina,WG-313-5006,Infinium Omni5-4+ Kit (48 samples)

      Illumina,WG-313-5007,Infinium Omni5-4+ Kit (96 samples)

      Illumina,WG-313-5008,Infinium Omni5-4+ Kit (384 samples)



      Illumina,FT-701-1000,Phasing Analysis Add-on, Whole Human Genome Sequencing from short-insert paired end reads

      Illumina,15034424S,SPARE, ASSY,JML PROJECTION LEN

      Illumina,WG-408-1001,iSelect® 8x1 LCG Custom DNA Analysis Kit (48 samples)

      Illumina,WG-408-1002,iSelect® 8x1 LCG Custom DNA Analysis Kit (96 samples)

      Illumina,WG-408-1003,iSelect® 8x1 LCG Custom DNA Analysis Kit (384 samples)


      Illumina,SV-306-1002,Illumina® Product Care cBot? 2 Basic Plan

      Illumina,RH-500-1001,VeriSeq? NIPT Solution Enablement

      Illumina,SP-404-1008,VeriSeq? NIPT Solution Enablement - RUO

      Illumina,SE-451-1001,VeriSeq? Onsite Server - RUO

      Illumina,FT-312-1201,Infinium® Omni2.5Exome-8 v1.2 FastTrack? Service

      Illumina,FT-332-1101,Infinium® CoreExome-24 v1.1 FastTrack? Service

      Illumina,FT-332-1102,Infinium® CoreExome-24+ v1.1 FastTrack? Service

      Illumina,SV-161-1002,Illumina Product Care HiScan IPV Coverage Add- On

      Illumina,TG-160-1005,TG NextSeq® 500 High Output Kit v1 (75 cycles)

      Illumina,241402S,SPARE, KEYBOARDPACT

      Illumina,309260S,SPARE, CABLE.FAN ASSY,80X25,12

      Illumina,15000232S,SPARE, BASE.ROBOT TIP GUIDE, 3Product No Catalog No Stocking Type Generate Price

      Illumina,FC-142-1001,TruSight® HLA Sequencing Panel (24 samples)

      Illumina,1006249S,SPARE, SHUTTER.APERTURE 8X12MM

      Illumina,SV-161-1005,cBot OQ Coverage Add-On

      Illumina,SV-161-1006,MiSeq OQ Coverage Add-On

      Illumina,SV-161-1007,MiSeq Dx OQ Coverage Add-On

      Illumina,SV-161-1009,NextSeq 500 OQ Coverage Add-On

      Illumina,SV-161-1010,HiSeq OQ Coverage Add-On

      Illumina,SV-161-1011,HiSeq X OQ Coverage Add-On

      Illumina,15003421,Power Supply Assembly,24 V,pic

      Illumina,FT-900-2075,Illumina® FastTrack® Services - UK, 75×  Coverage or minimum 250Gb data, Human WGS

      Illumina,15030957,MISEQ, RETAINER, MIRROR, M4, MOLDED

      Illumina,GD-401-4001,HiSeq SR Cluster Kit v4 cBot

      Illumina,PE-401-4001,HiSeq PE Cluster Kit V4 - cBot

      Illumina,GD-402-4002,HiSeq SR Rapid Cluster Kit v2

      Illumina,PE-402-4002,HiSeq PE Rapid Cluster Kit v2

      Illumina,FC-401-4002,HiSeq SBS Kit V4 50 cycle kit

      Illumina,FC-402-4022,HiSeq Rapid SBS Kit v2 (50 cycles)

      Illumina,FC-402-4021,HiSeq Rapid SBS Kit v2 (200 cycles)

      Illumina,FC-402-4023,HiSeq Rapid SBS Kit v2 (500 cycles)

      Illumina,SY-415-1001,NextSeq® 500 Sequencing System

      Illumina,SY-415-1002,NextSeq® 550 Sequencing System

      Illumina,SY-401-2504,HiSeq v4 Upgrade


      Illumina,15034108S,SPARE, ASSY, PUMPS DOOR

      Illumina,15050219S,Spare, Torque Wrench W/ Adapte

      Illumina,15049712S,SPARE, POWER CORD,CHINA,C19,2.

      Illumina,15049714S,SPARE, POWER CORD,DANISH,C19,2

      Illumina,15049716S,SPARE, POWER CORD,BRAZIL,C19,2

      Illumina,15048784R,REFURB, LASER, 660nm, 1.2W

      Illumina,15043361R,REFURB, ASSY, CAMERA SET , 518

      Illumina,15043307R,REFURB, ASSY, SERVER, CONFIGUR

      Illumina,15038444S,SPARE,LCD,8.4",800X600 LVDS,4W

      Illumina,15046055S,SPARE, FLUIDICS, Sipper, P11 p

      Illumina,15051776S,SPARE, KIT, HEATER CALIBRATION

      Illumina,15049987S,SPARE, ASSY,LEFT FRONT COVER,M

      Illumina,FT-331-1001,HumanCore-24 v1.0 FastTrack Service

      Illumina,FT-331-1002,HumanCore-24+ v1.0 FastTrack Service

      Illumina,SV-306-1001,Illumina® Product Care cBot? 2 Parts Only Plan

      Illumina,SV-161-1016,cBot? 2 OQ Coverage Add-On

      Illumina,SV-421-1001,Illumina Product Care MiSeqDx Plan

      Illumina,SV-350-1001,Illumina Product Care NeoPrep? Parts Only Plan

      Illumina,SV-350-1002,Illumina Product Care NeoPrep? Basic Plan

      Illumina,SV-350-1003,Illumina Product Care NeoPrep? Comprehensive Plan

      Illumina,SV-350-1007,Illumina Product Care NeoPrep? Advantage Plan

      Illumina,20001331,BaseSpace LT Onsite Sequence Hub

      Illumina,20001106,Infinium Multi-Ethnic EUR/EAS/SAS-8+ v1.0 Kit (96 samples)

      Illumina,15056396,Tool, IM Isolator Extension


      Illumina,20000622,Clarity LIMS X Edition Installation Fee

      Illumina,WG-357-1011,Infinium ImmunoArray-24+ v2 BeadChip Kit (48 samples)

      Illumina,WG-357-1012,Infinium ImmunoArray-24+ v2 BeadChip Kit (288 samples)

      Illumina,WG-357-1013,Infinium ImmunoArray-24+ v2 BeadChip Kit (1152 samples)

      Illumina,TG-190-1002,TG VeriSeq? NIPT Sample Prep Kit (96 samples)

      Illumina,TG-190-1001,TG VeriSeq? NIPT Sample Prep Kit (48 samples)

      Illumina,15069292,Cancer NRC 262KAdd

      Illumina,15065973,NextSeq® 500/550 High Output Flow Cell Cartridge v2

      Illumina,15026194,PLIERS,MODIFIED,6",FLAT NOSE

      Illumina,20001092,Infinium Multi-Ethnic AMR/AFR-8 v1.0 Kit (96 samples)

      Illumina,20000065,KEY,HISEQ OS IMAGE, 19.0.C14

      Illumina,15053753S,INA - SPARE,ASSY,E-BOX,ANALYTICAL,HiSeq

      Illumina,GD-404-1001,HiSeq Rapid Rehybridization Kit

      Illumina,SW-430-1001,BaseSpace Onsite Sequence Hub-License Fee

      Illumina,SV-304-1007,Illumina Product Care cBot Advantage Plan

      Illumina,SV-450-1010,Illumina® Product Care NextSeq 500 Distributor 2nd Level

      Illumina,20001107,Infinium Multi-Ethnic EUR/EAS/SAS-8+ v1.0 Kit (384 samples)

      Illumina,15073344,Streck cell free DNA BCT

      Illumina,15073345,Streck cell free DNA BCT CE

      Illumina,T7R50UML-X,T7 RNA Polymerase (50 U/ul) - Bulk

      Illumina,T7R100UML-X,T7 RNA Polymerase (100 U/ul)-Bulk

      Illumina,SV-306-1008,Illumina® Product Care cBot? 2 Distributor (AMER/EMEA)

      Illumina,SW-480-1001,Illumina® SeqLab

      Illumina,20001096,Infinium Multi-Ethnic AMR/AFR-8+ v1.0 Kit (96 samples)

      Illumina,15048124,Assy, Pogo Pin

      Illumina,20001680,BaseSpace HT Onsite Sequence Hub (4X+rack)-Annual Software License

      Illumina,15052185,KIT, ACCESSORIES,HiSeq

      Illumina,15066404,ASSY, REAGENT RACK, SBS, 8 X 250 (Gray)


      Illumina,15029147S,SPARE, WASH TRAY, MOLDED


      Illumina,15034800S,SPARE, TUBE,SIPPER,TEMPLATE ST

      Illumina,15038594S,SPARE, CRATE,COVERS/ACCESSORY

      Illumina,15034982S,SPARE, ASSY, CABLE, V2 PUMP PW


      Illumina,244259S,SPARE.ASSY.POWELL X-Y THETA AD


      Illumina,15040866S,SPARE, Cap, Vented Waste

      Illumina,15041440S,SPARE,ASSY,V2 PUMP,BRACKET MOU

      Illumina,TG-110-3001,TG PhiX Control Kit v3

      Illumina,15002448S,SPARE,SHAFT,PROTECTION,250ML S

      Illumina,15018285S,SPARE,PCA,COOLANT SYSTEM (4 PU

      Illumina,TG-121-1030,TG Nextera® DNA Sample Preparation Kit (24 Samples)

      Illumina,TG-121-1031,TG Nextera® DNA Sample Preparation Kit (96 Samples)

      Illumina,TG-121-1011,TG Nextera® Index Kit (24 Indices, 96 Samples)

      Illumina,SE-601-9001DOC,NeoPrep Library Prep System Guide

      Illumina,SE-405-1001,SPARE,HDD T7500,ESATA,4-PK

      Illumina,MS-102-2003,MiSeq Reagent Kit v2 (500-cycles)

      Illumina,MS-102-2002,MiSeq Reagent Kit v2 (300-cycles)

      Illumina,MS-102-2001,MiSeq Reagent Kit v2 (50-cycles)

      Illumina,MS-102-2023,20-pack MiSeq Reagent Kit v2 (500-cycles)

      Illumina,MS-102-2022,20-pack MiSeq Reagent Kit v2 (300-cycles)

      Illumina,MS-102-2021,20-pack MiSeq Reagent Kit v2 (50-cycles)

      Illumina,11285195S,SPARE,ASSY.COVER, LEFT

      Illumina,15011947S,SPARE,KIT,FSE TOOLKIT,HISEQ 2000





      Illumina,15008423S,SPARE,ASSY,COOLING PUMP,SM

      Illumina,15008991S,SPARE,ASSY,POWER SUPPLY,500W,2


      Illumina,15015947S,SPARE, PCBA,FPLightBar 2

      Illumina,15014617S,SPARE,ASSY.SLIDE CARRIER

      Illumina,SP-401-1001,BaseSpace Onsite Installation Qualification

      Illumina,SP-201-1002,NeoPrep? Operational Qualification

      Illumina,SP-102-1106,HiSeq X? IQ/OQ

      Illumina,SW-470-2001,HiSeq® Analysis Software v2.0

      Illumina,SV-306-1003,Illumina® Product Care cBot? 2 Comprehensive Plan

      Illumina,WG-313-2521,HumanOmni2.5+ v1.2 DNA Analysis Kit (16 samples)

      Illumina,WG-313-2522,HumanOmni2.5+ v1.2 DNA Analysis Kit (48 samples)

      Illumina,WG-313-2523,HumanOmni2.5+ v1.2 DNA Analysis Kit (96 samples)

      Illumina,WG-313-2524,HumanOmni2.5+ v1.2 DNA Analysis Kit 384S

      Illumina,SV-403-1001,Illumina Product Care HiSeq® 3000 Parts Only Plan

      Illumina,SV-403-1002,Illumina Product Care HiSeq® 3000 Basic Plan

      Illumina,SV-403-1003,Illumina Product Care HiSeq® 3000 Comprehensive Plan

      Illumina,SV-403-1007,Illumina Product Care HiSeq® 3000 Advantage Plan

      Illumina,SV-404-1001,Illumina Product Care HiSeq® 4000 Parts Only Plan

      Illumina,SV-404-1003,Illumina Product Care HiSeq® 4000 Comprehensive Plan

      Illumina,SV-404-1007,Illumina Product Care HiSeq® 4000 Advantage Plan

      Illumina,SV-403-1008,Illumina Product Care HiSeq® 3000 Distributor (EMEA)

      Illumina,SV-403-1010,Illumina Product Care HiSeq® 3000 Distributor (APAC)

      Illumina,SV-404-1002,Illumina Product Care HiSeq® 4000 Basic Plan


      Illumina,SP-201-1006,NeoPrep? IQ/OQ

      Illumina,SP-201-1007,NeoPrep? Calibration Service

      Illumina,SY-312-2002,cBot? 2 Accessory Kit

      Illumina,TR-204-0031,TruSight® Cancer Hotspot Panel - Customer Site

       Illumina 簇生成和測序試劑 FC-126-1003



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